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Raquel Welch-Beyond the Clevage

Raquel was seen on the Joy Baher Show looking beautiful and like I believe is possible for a woman if she takes care of herself. Eating nutrient dense whole foods, moderate exercise, and Raquel said she has used Frownies facial

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Recession proof your skin care with Frownies

“Stuffed Closet” is a blog site that recently reviewed Frownies facial patches here is what they had to say.

Join my search for those things that add a bit of luxury to our lives without breaking the piggy bank. Come along, share my internet & New York area shopping spots & experiences.

With the recession in place the cosmetic service industry is feeling the pinch and cutting their prices in order to entice customers into dropping a dollar for their services, still I really can not justify spending the going rate of $300-500 for botox. As a brow-knitter I am concerned with the furrows and creases of concentration and the sticky styling situations having bangs to hide such issues can cause. Instead of worrying I reach for Hollywood’s famous little secret, Frownies . I love these simple patches and use them all the time. When put in place they re-educate the underlying muscles so that they assume a relaxed and natural appearance. They are made of natural, skin friendly materials and can be worn while you sleep. Buy them at Whole Foods Market, Rickey’s, and Dwayne Reed in NYC

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Kudos to Boomers who Reject Botox

Boomers are ready to age gracefully and are getting annoyed at the obsessing with anti-aging and any cost.

I like to call it pro-aging or successful aging,” says Miriam Nelson, an associate professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston. Her comment appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

Certainly a segment of the aging population will fight to the finish. Companies in the U.S. such as the Cenegenics Medical Institute, promise to reverse the “signs and symptoms of aging” with repeated low-dose injections of human growth hormone and testosterone. And the growing medical industry that promotes genetics testing to prolong health is capturing the attention of some boomers. But most men and women of a certain age are satisfied to go gentle into the aging process before they let them try their new tricks on their health.

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