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The Trouble with Multi-Tasking

We are a society of multi-tasking maniacs! Did you know that doing too much not only impairs your memory, but it also increases your susceptibility to serious illnesses?

ìIf you try to do more than one thing at a time, you will most likely suffer a very substantial loss of efficiency compared with what happens if you concentrate on getting one task done at a time,î says David Meyer, Ph.D., a University of Michigan psychology professor specializing in cognition and perception.

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Beware of Anti-Aging Products with AHA’s

Frownies immune health products contain the most innovative ingredients today. But beware of other products claiming to prevent aging.

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Beauty from the Inside Out

I would like to tell you about fat for your health! There are fats that are very beneficial to our general health and especially our skin health. There are also fats we should avoid and usually the case is, we are eating the wrong fats.

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