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Can’t Choose Between Yoga and Pilates?

Do you know the difference between yoga and pilates? How do you know which one will work best for you? Well, check out these quick tips…

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Nutrition Myths

We all try to eat healthier, but all of this ìexpertî advice we hear on television and read in magazines clouds our thinking. It can be misleading and even contradictory. Let me clear up some of the common misconceptions.

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How much sugar do you consume?

Sugar is the most common substance that we consume. It is the simply the most abused food in the American diet.

Thirty years ago our parents were telling us that sugar rots our teeth, and today we know thatís the least of the problems. The average Americanís diet is full of sugar-laden fast foods and convenience foods. Most people consume their own weight in sugar in one year. So the average woman who weighs between 125-150 pounds is consuming between 125-150 pounds of sugar or more each year.

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