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Healthy Diet = Colorful Diet

A healthy diet is colorful. Fruits and veggies come in a variety of colors thanks to phytochemicals, natural compounds found in plant-based foods. Researchers believe that phytochemicals have profound effects on health, and can play a role in preventing chronic diseases. Add some strawberries to your breakfast, some tomatoes to your salad at lunch, and dark green spinach as a side for dinner.

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Avoid Toxins – Boost Your Immune System

We usually only think of germs as “immune busters,” but environmental toxins can also cause strain on the immune system. The January 2005 issue of Alternative Medicine offers these facts about toxins and our immunity.

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Do You Know How to Relax?

The New Year always brings that proverbial “I am going to be different this year.” Well, let me sugest an important tip for you to consider. Every day our inner voice tries to trick us and continually overwork us. What does this have to do with beauty? If you’re exhausted, your skin health is dramatically affected. Deep expression lines and fatigue lines, the ones Frownies, the natural alternative to Botox, addresses, get a strong hold when you don’t get enough rest or sleep. So let’s get proactive against lines and skin aging. Let’s think about relaxing…

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