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Healthy Weight Choices – Party Planning

Start the day of a party with a healthy breakfast, and get that wrinkle cream on too. If you know there will only be high-calorie foods at the party, eat a little less than you usually would during the day (no starving). Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays:

-Don’t arrive at a party hungry. Have a small healthy snack before the function to
take the edge of your hunger. Eat the category of foods you think will be served at the party. If it will be deserts eat healthy sweet foods before you leave.
-Schedule an activity session before the party so you’ve burnt up calories
in advance. Work our go for a run, swim or bike so you have used up a few extra calories you may be consuming.
-If you’ve been asked to bring a plate, bring a low-calorie dish you know
you can eat. Kale salad, raw chocolate cheese cake, raw rice wraps.
-If you are the food provider, plan your menus. Only buy and prepare as
much food as you need. Don’t make refined high carbohydrate foods.
-Throw your own party and put on a high health low-calorie spread. Your guests may
be pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is.
-Let people know you are eating healthy foods and ask that they don’t
offer you fatty or sugary treats. Ask for help keeping your commitments.
-Set yourself a limit for alcohol before you start partying and stick to your
plan. Choose alcoholic beverages that don’t contain extra added sugar.
-Choose, mineral water or plain chilled water with a splash of cranberry juice of lime wedge or try both.
-When offered pre-dinner snacks from a platter, simply say “I’ve already
tried it — it was lovely, thank you.”
-Avoid stockpiling your plate with food you may not need, but are likely to
eat. Take one or two items, small servings and come back for more if you are genuinely
-Adopt a pastry-free and bread free policy. By avoiding the most calorie-laden
party foods, you’ll be ahead.
-Choose a smaller plate at buffets and smorgasbords. You can come back if you really find you need more food. We usually try to get our money’s worth and pay with our health.
-Of course, you’ll want to stock up on anti-aging wrinkle cream too, but that is a given. Thanks for reading!

Kathy Wright ND is the CEO of Frownies Anti-aging Skin Care Company and Avenues to Wellness Culinary Institute. Kathy is a Product Formulator, Naturopathic Doctor, and holds numerous alternative health certifications. Kathy has over 30 years teaching and coaching alternative health as a seminar speaker, and is the author of Your Health in Your Hands, available at or

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