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"Your Health in Your Hands" Supportive Book
"Your Health in Your Hands" Supportive Book
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Your Health in Your Hands: Supportive Book

“Wellness is the body’s natural state-if you give the body the support it needs you will look great and feel great!

- Kat Wright ND/CNC/CNHP

Your Health in Your Hands is a 236 page journey; suggesting an investment in your better health will yield dividends of a youthfull appearance.

As the CEO of FROWNIES Skin Care line and a Naturopathic Doctor I want you to understand the value your lifestyle choices have on your outward appearance and skin’s beauty. Skin youthfulness is something you can affect daily with the choices you make. Products are necessary to protect and enhance your appearance but what you consume and your lifestyle choices play a large role in your physical beauty.

Realizing we are all at different places on our journey I use my experience as a Nutritional Consultant and Naturopathic Doctor to teach you how to make simple choices leading to health and beauty.

Your Health in the Kitchen

Three set DVD takes you into the kitchen to talk and make delicious, nutritious foods from familiar with and not so familiar health supportive ingredients. Discussion and food preparation supplements the lifestyle habits you learn in Your Health in Your Hands. Alone or together these two resources can be read and viewed over and over to glean valuable health supportive information

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