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"Your Health in the Kitchen" DVD
"Your Health in the Kitchen" DVD
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Your Health In the Kitchen: DVD

Kat Wright traditional Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant and author of Your Health in Your Hands will take you into her kitchen where she prepares nutritious vegan whole foods. Dishes include delicious raw recipes, macrobiotic, vegetarian and just simple health supportive cooking and conversation. Dr. Katís ideas are not restrictive of you or your diet. She teaches principles of adding more living, health supportive foods to your meal plans, expanding your options and giving you freedom to choose health.

Each time you view the preparation of this culinary feast, you will gain a new and deeper understanding of the principles that create health supportive living and eating. You will listen a second and third time to Dr. Kat's witty and entertaining stores and suggestions.

Most people don't realize that almost every physical problem we experience (other than an accident) has a diet-related cause. What leads to disease in the body and what leads to wellness and how to add those things into our lives is the topic of discussion as Kat cooks up a feast every-time.

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