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Facial Patches for Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes Reviews for the product - Facial Patches for Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes (Back to product)
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frownies forehead

Rocio Garza - 10/29/2013

I love frownies. I had been using it since 2006 when I noticed signs of aging in my forehead between eyes. I can't quit using they are great!

thank you frownies!

I use them to help me sleep!

Jodi - 10/29/2013

I have been using Frownies for three years. Initially I wanted them to try and postpone some wrinkles but I found they actually help me sleep better! The wrinkles that might be introduced by furrowing my forehead as I go to sleep are kept at bay. The Frownie forces my face to "relax" and I go to sleep faster.


Penny - 10/29/2013

They are Awesome! I am down to using them once a week. I Would recommend Frownies to anyone who is having problems with their 11 lines between their eyebrows.

Facial Patches help with shingles pain

Liz Westing - 10/29/2013

I have been using frownies for years to help with shingles pain in my left forehead. In addition, they help to extend Botox injection time.

deep frown mark on forehead

ainla - 10/29/2013

I squint a lot because of my poor eyesight even with my contacts.I didn't realize untill recently that all that squinting was forming an ugly, almost permanent/ scar/ deep "furrow" in between my eyebrows.
I learned about Frownies from someone so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been using them regularly for about a month. I must say this ugly furrow seems to be getting shallower. I will continue to use Frownies.

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