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Forehead & Between Eyes/Rose Water Combo best price combo  Reviews for the product - Forehead & Between Eyes/Rose Water Combo best price combo (Back to product)
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Better than plastic and Prozac combined - 04/18/2013

My brow looked better after one night. That was enough - but I didn't expect my entire mood to take a truly dramatic upswing. I've never been a morning person. After a week of consistently cheery mornings, my eleven year old daughter said it was positively weird, having a normal mom. My co-workers knew nothing about the Frownies, but three of them - in the space of a week, gave my administrator reviews that I was doing "just fantastic work". It's like getting a different personality at 52. The neurophysiology involved wouldn't fit here, but NOT frowning all night saves your brain from a flood of neurotransmitters guaranteed to bring you down. The frown lines between my brows are smoothing out because of the Frownies at night, and the effect of the Frownies all day. You have my heartfelt gratitude, mine and my family's, and my colleagues'. You've got a lifetime client.

Easy and work!

Liz - 04/17/2013

I had heard about Frownies and liked the concept and ease. I finally bought them. I liked them and was impressed with the difference I saw in the morning after removing them.
If you are looking for a pain-free treatment, check them out!

Forehead Wrinkles

Teenie775 - 04/17/2013

I purchased Frownies about a month ago and although the effects are temporary, wearing off throughout the day, I really like how they smooth my forehead! I would recommend them as a chemical and surgical alternative!

Simple and natural

Cynthia - 02/19/2013

The facial patches are a simple and natural way to relax the lines between my eyes in the brow area. At first my husband laughed at me but now he wants to try them too!

Love Frownies!

Kathleen - 01/31/2013

I started using frownies about 10 years ago when I heard that Rene Russo used them. She looks fab, so of course I had to try. My friends and family over the past 10 years have deep lines in their forehead. I use the triangle frownie every single night, and see how I look when I take it off each a.m. My only issues - they can come off if I perspire in the night and sleep face into pillow. Also, in the a.m. I can't wait to rip it off, but that's OK, because they didn't bother me at all during the night. Unfortunately, the lip ones are too hard & uncomfortable for me. I wish there was a way for that one to be more flexible. I really need those! :) Love Frownies!

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