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Living in a Healthy Body (Download Instantly)
Living in a Healthy Body (Download Instantly)
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Living in a Healthy Body: Instant Download

Living in a Healthy Body is an 8 hour CD with notes you can use as part of your plan to create health in your life.

Upon purchasing, you will be able to download the 8 CDs in mp3 format.

An Impoverished diet consist of food striped of its nutrition, refined and processed to the point of no real food value becoming a cheap carbohydrate only food that never satisfies hunger or nutritional needs. When an individual consumes this impoverished diet he over eats to satisfy a nutritional need that will not be satisfied by these foods. Over eating of cheap, refined carbohydrates leads to obesity and malnutrition that stress’ the body and the pancreas leading to metabolic syndrome and eventually type 2 diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

The USDA’s new food pyramid is based on calories as the central nutritional factor meaning all foods have a place on the plate as long as the calories stay within the recommended limit. The “all foods are good foods” attitude ignores the need for vitamins minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in proper proportions and allows nutrient deficient foods to take the place of healthy foods as long as calories are controlled. This plan is exactly what has led to the high rate of degenerative disease and obesity in the United States.

The rules for healthy eating are much more specific as to what to eat and what not to eat based on the nutritional needs of the human body. Renew your mind as you add this and much more to your understanding.

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