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pH Balancing Complexion Wash Reviews for the product - pH Balancing Complexion Wash (Back to product)
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ph balancing complexion wash

Natali - 11/18/2013

It's a wonderful product! I love it! It works as advertised! I highly recommend it!

Ph balancing complexion wash

Penny - 09/13/2013

I love the ph complexion wash it's the only thing i've found that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin & i tried all types of cleansers from the commercial brands in the store to all kinds of organic & natural cleansers. My skin has always been very sensitive i also have sun damage my skin tends to follow the seasons.. in the summer it gets red & oily & the winter it's dry & i had always been looking for something for when my skin gets oily in the summer the frownies ph wash is great for this problem it doesn't irritate/itch or make my skin red or make my skin feel tight. I wish i would have found this years before.


Jamie - 09/12/2013

I LOVE my frownies! They were recommended to me by a friend who is older than I was. I had asked her how she looked so good at her age, and she said she's used frownies for years. I immediately ordered some, and have been very pleased ever since! I had a crease between my eyebrows from concentrating a lot,and it has disappeared since using Frownies. I also love the pH Balancing Complexion Wash. I have very sensitive skin, and this cleans my face without leaving me stripped of oils and does not cause breakouts.


shawnee - 06/27/2013

I had an area of breakout on my face that I had never had and could not get rid of it for months until I used this cleanser and it was gone in a bout a week. I am so amazed and will use this from now on.

Love it!

Lisa - 04/22/2013

After 30 years of searching, this is the only product I have found that my skin agrees with. The combination of the Complexion Wash and Immune Shield is a miracle both on my adult acne and my son's teenage acne. I will never again use anything else.

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