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How to Achieve Real Success According to Science

The start of the new year brings reflection on past achievements and hope for future successes. I’ve always been interested in the latest research on goal achievement. I not only want to learn for myself, but I also want to distill these lessons in my fellow leaders. Science can often cause us to reevaluate our […]

Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy During Colder Months with Outdoor Exercise

Do Not Let Winter Weather Be Disastrous to Your Health Colder months can leave both your mental and physical health damaged. You may be one who bears the winter blues, well you are not alone—a quarter of a million Americans (particularly in areas of the country where the colder months bring days, weeks or even […]

Healthy for the Holidays: All Plant-Based Recipes for New Holiday Favorites

Holidays are all about getting together with loved ones – eating, laughing, and sharing about our lives! Unfortunately the holidays can be a worrisome time when trying to making better decisions for your health. The key is to remember you have options. We have added vegan friendly, plant-based recipes that are guilt free and delicious! […]

How to Help Your Spouse Make Healthier Choices

Keep your relationship, and your hubby, healthy with these tips for helping couples live healthier together, longer. Maybe you and your spouse have fallen into the many statistics that show ridiculously unhealthy habits form in in the first five years of a relationship. Such as gaining significant amounts of weight. We vow to be healthier, […]

Last Minute Healthy Halloween Treat Recipes

There is no denying the holiday season is here! It is hard to overlook the isles of Halloween and Christmas decorations in all the stores. You would think with all the reminders that we would have plenty of time to plan, but for some reason holidays always seem to sneak up on us, so… You […]

Fall Guide to Health and Wellness

More and more holistic practices are making their way into the mainstream. The upside to this is that more and more individuals understand that when it comes to the question of health we must look at all facets of the individual; What you eat (as in what you put on and in your body), your […]

Now is the Time: How to Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Budget

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Wait, what? Already as much as we complain when stores deck the halls while it’s still beach season, it turns out that they are actually on to something. Although we’ve got months left till Christmas, believe it or not, the best time to start plotting out your […]

Hydrated Healthy Skin

August and September are the last of warm days of endless sunlight, farmers markets, porch sitting, barbecues, vacations, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. Now is the time to think about keeping the skin protected and well hydrated. During summertime we all want to be wherever the sun is. Temperatures are rising; this means more […]

Three Stress Relief Tips to Reduce Back to School Stress

Back to school time can be both exciting and stressful for parents and children. The return to a quicker pace, homework and after school activities can add additional stress to family members. Shifting routines, setting new rules, new teachers, classmates and even schools can cause increased tension in the home. Here are three quick tips […]

The Well Groomed Man

Today when talking about skincare typically it is directed towards women. Look around you – check out the beauty aisles at the store, young women’s faces on boxes and bottles, and if you are lucky there may be a small men’s section mostly filled with hair growth products. Advertising and marketing have focused on the […]