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Hormone Health and Beautiful Skin


All About Hormones and Beautiful Skin PMS to PCOS, cramps to endometriosis, from low libido to weight gain and aging skin appearances are plaguing American women. You may be missing an essential factor in creating hormone health even thought you  know that some foods make these health issues worse and some can make them so […]

Vitamin Supplements or Whole Foods?


I want to share an excerpt here with you from Dr. Collen Campbell’s book WHOLE, about the difference between taking in vitamins from supplements and whole foods, using the humble apple as an example! The research into nutrients found in an apple was actually analyzed by a scientist at Cornell, Dr. Rui Hai Liu, former […]

Basic YOGA For Firm Arms, Legs and Core


Daily yoga firms and tones the body like not other. It also reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones).  It is important to move on the breath.  Inhale fully to the county of at least 4 as you lift the head and tail bone and exhale as you tuck the chin and hips.  Another […]

Best Holiday Gift


I wanted to share with you the best gift for this holiday season so I Goggled “best gift this season”. I didn’t want or would not want to give any of the gifts suggested. I even went to several sites; the junk was overwhelming. I then Googled “How to give” I didn’t open any of […]

How the Law of Attraction Plays Out in This Season


Holiday giving ideas The energy you give  is what is reflected back into your daily life. Release yourself from the need to want things and focus on giving. This holiday season is the perfect time to practice sharing with those around us. Share with the world, the people near you and community  in which you live. […]