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5 Reasons Why Staying Hydrated is so Important this Winter


It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water during the summer when the warm temperatures are leaving you hot and sweaty. But staying hydrated is just as important in the winter. Building a snowman, having a snowball fight or going sledding are just as capable of leaving you dehydrated as your favorite summer activities. […]

Juicing for Skin Health


Green Veggies good for your skin A lot of the skin problems—acne, dark circles under your eyes, poor skin tone, dull complexion—can be related to what you’re eating (or not eating). Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet gives your body access to the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep skin looking its […]

Helpful Tips to Avoid Overindulging on Thanksgiving Dinner


The holidays bring a lot of socializing, family time and dietary excess. Combined with the stress some family gatherings bring, Thanksgiving offers a lot of food which makes binge eating a major problem for many women. Poor diet can have a negative impact on weight, overall health, skin and overall appearance. Poor nutrition can cause skin to age prematurely, […]

Skin Care Tips for Winter


With the cooler weather approaching, the air changes and so does our bodies. Your skin care plan is essential to keeping your skin looking younger and fresh. The way our skin absorbs moisture during the other seasons is different to that in the winter. For many people, the cold clear days bring uncomfortable dryness to […]

It Is Never Too Soon to Start Good Skin Care


Preventing Aging Signs before They Happen You may look at antiaging products and think that since you do not have crow’s feet that you do not need them. What most young people do not realize is that signs of aging can appear overnight. This is why it is imperative that you treat your skin with […]