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5 Ways Cold Climates Help Our Skin


When we think about winter weather, we think dry hands, cracked noses, red cheeks basically, were reminded of a slew of unsavory skin conditions that colder temperatures inflict upon us. But, given that we have a few more months of freezing weather to endure, we invite you to put on your rose colored glasses with […]

Kicking Seasonal Sickness to the Curb


To remain healthy this winter season, dont fall into seasonal sickness by keeping your immune system strong! It is vital to have a strong immune system to stay healthy. A strong immune system is the defense mechanism to fight against infection and illness. The immune system can become weak from nutritional deficiencies as well as […]

Skin, the Organ


THE EPIDERMIS The skin is the largest organ, and the most visible. We try to prevent the appearance of the aging of our skin. Our skin begins to change in early adulthood. During early adulthood the epidermis begins to thin slightly, but the skin during this period remains strong, supple and soft. Keeping the skin […]

Homemade Natural Lip Healing Balm


The winter season is approaching, and for many, with cold weather comes dry and chapped lips! It sure is a struggle trying to find products you can trust have only good, quality ingredients. We like to promote and maintain health at Frownies and this is why we encourage you, when possible, to go with more […]

Ten Terrific Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Another one of our favorite “products”, Apple Cider Vinegar is one power-house home remedy! Apple cider vinegar is one of nature’s most powerful ingredients! Apple Cider Vinegar contains many health as well as beauty benefits. Though it may seem to be a popular new product for many people, its use can be traced back to […]