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Basic YOGA For Firm Arms, Legs and Core


Daily yoga firms and tones the body like not other. It also reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones).  It is important to move on the breath.  Inhale fully to the county of at least 4 as you lift the head and tail bone and exhale as you tuck the chin and hips.  Another […]

Best Holiday Gift


I wanted to share with you the best gift for this holiday season so I Goggled “best gift this season”. I didn’t want or would not want to give any of the gifts suggested. I even went to several sites; the junk was overwhelming. I then Googled “How to give” I didn’t open any of […]

How the Law of Attraction Plays Out in This Season


Holiday giving ideas The energy you give  is what is reflected back into your daily life. Release yourself from the need to want things and focus on giving. This holiday season is the perfect time to practice sharing with those around us. Share with the world, the people near you and community  in which you live. […]

5 Reasons Why Staying Hydrated is so Important this Winter


It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water during the summer when the warm temperatures are leaving you hot and sweaty. But staying hydrated is just as important in the winter. Building a snowman, having a snowball fight or going sledding are just as capable of leaving you dehydrated as your favorite summer activities. […]

Juicing for Skin Health


Green Veggies good for your skin A lot of the skin problems—acne, dark circles under your eyes, poor skin tone, dull complexion—can be related to what you’re eating (or not eating). Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet gives your body access to the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep skin looking its […]