Many Mighty Health Benefits of Essential Oils and How to Use

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Frownies skin Care products contain essential oils for fragrance and for the many beneficial effects plants bring forth for the skin. 

What are Essential Oils 

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that contain incredible healing properties. You may have heard of using essential oils for healing purposes (i.e. aromatherapy) this is an ancient and holistic way to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. For over 5,000 years these healing oils have been used by many cultures to treat a variety of health conditions. Essential oils are often used for beauty care, home cleaning, relaxation, and most often used as natural non-toxic medicine. Adding common essential oils like lavender, frankincense, lemon, peppermint and tea tree oil to your natural medicine cabinet can:

  • Fight cold and flu symptoms
  • Relax body and soothe sore muscles
  • Heal skin conditions
  • Alleviate pain
  • Balance hormones
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
  • Clean your home
  • Used in homemade personal care products

Why Should I use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted directly from bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree and just one drop can have mighty health benefits. Essential oils are usually made through the process of distillation which separates the oil and water based compounds of the plant by steaming. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils that have a strong aroma. By concentrating the oils of these plants you are literally separating the most powerful healing compounds of a plant into a single oil!

These therapeutic plant oils protect the plant from insects, shield the plant from a harsh environment and help plants adapt to their surroundings. By using essential oils you are harnessing the protective and healing powers of the plant. Essential oils are composed of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells; some compounds in essential oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier. They differ from fatty oils (those in vegetables and nuts) that come from large molecules because they cannot penetrate your cells so they are not therapeutic in the same style.

Aromatherapy Health Benefits

Aromatherapy has various health benefits and is used in a variety of settings. It is a non-invasive way to treat an assortment of medical conditions and can be used safely in combination with other therapies. Hospitals are catching on to the benefits of essential oils and are using them for the treatment of anxiety, depression and infections in patients.

Essential oils can also have antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits used in medical settings. Many oils when massaged on the skin can heal and help treat skin conditions, such as burns, cuts and scrapes. Some oils boost the immune system, help with insomnia, and aid with digestion. There is an abundant amount of research on Essential oils even being used to fight cancer. Research has shown frankincense being used for shrinking brain tumors.

Common Essential Oils and Their Health Benefits 

Every essential oil contains compounds with unique healing and therapeutic benefits. Some of the most popular essential oils and how to use them:

  • Clove: Anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and antioxidant protection
  • Cypress: Improves circulation, reduces varicose veins, boosts confidence and can help heal broken bones
  • Eucalyptus: Improves respiratory issues such as bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies. Invigorating and purifies the body
  • Frankincense: Builds immunity, reduces inflammation, heals age spots, supports brain and fights cancer
  • Ginger: Reduces inflammation, supports joints, improves digestion and relieves nausea
  • Grapefruit: Supports metabolism and reduces cellulite. Mix with coconut oil and rub on areas of cellulite or take a few drops orally mixed with water
  • Lavender: Promotes relaxation, improves mood and heals burns and cuts
  • Lemon: Great to use in homemade cleaning products, improves lymph drainage and cleanses the body
  • Myrrh: Natural anti-septic and can prevent and reduce infections. Also, supports beautiful skin, reduces stretch marks, and assists hormone balance
  • Oregano: Powerful anti-microbial properties can kill fungus and help you kick a cold fast
  • Peppermint: Supports digestion, improves focus, boosts energy, fever reducer, headache and muscle pain relief
  • Rose: Incredible for reducing skin inflammation and great for creating glowing skin. Add a few drops to your facial moisturizer. Also, one of the most valued essential oils in the world 
  • Rosemary: Can naturally thicken hair so it is great to add to homemade shampoos. Also, it improves brain function and memory so it’s great to used when working, reading or studying
  • Tea tree oil (melaleuca): natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, reduces bad odors and can help stimulate the immune system
  • Sandalwood: Natural aphrodisiac that improves libido and can also improve energy

Different oils can be blended together to enhance each other’s energy or can be blended with a base oil to be used for massage, shower gels, or body lotions

How to Use Essential Oils 

3 most common ways these healing oils are used today:

Defusing Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

There are many ways to diffuse essential oils and you don't even need an expensive diffuser! Diffusion in its simplest sense, is the process wherein the volatile molecules of essential oils intermingle with the surrounding air molecules. Whatever the method, 15-18 drops of essential oil will provide about 15 to 30 minutes of noticeable aromatherapy when applied to your environment airspace. Of course be sure to read the directions included with whatever method of diffusing you chose for specific use and dilution recommendations. Adjust the amount of essential oils accordingly to the instructions. 

Applying Essential Oils Topically

Massage a drop or two of a quality essential oil to the skin, or mix into lotion or body oil. Essential oils can also be very effective when properly formulated into skin care. Frownies skincare is completely safe (enter warning here, every individual is different at different times) whatever health safety label you can come up with we qualify. for example our products are gluten free, non-toxic, organic, 100% natural, non-GMO, small batch formulated, paleo friendly, vegan, recyclable, compostable pregnancy safe, safe for breast feeding, need I go on? We have you back because we want you to have one less thing to worry about. with Frownies you know everything you put on your skin is positive. Frownies uses this powerful science of essential oils properly formulated to prevent irritations. Frownies skincare is safe for all skin types and skin issues this is what separates us from other skincare systems.

Ingesting Essential Oils 

There are tons of essential oil brands out there, and a lot that are NOT ingestible.  Essential oil ingestion can be a very effective application method. However, it’s an application that certainly should be done with much caution, you want to ensure that you’re using therapeutic food grade essential oils that are edible for health benefits and won't cause nasty side effects. Have no doubt, a lot of brands out there can be dangerous to ingest defuse or used topically 

That being said, many therapeutic grade essential oils can be ingested. You must keep in mind, “therapeutic grade” can be a loosely claimed term (like a lot of other labels i.e. natural/organic) because it’s thrown around a lot by companies that offer different degrees of quality. So when doing your own research take these claims with a giant grain of salt. Look for companies that have quality ingredients at the bedrock of their products. Kat Wright, Naturopathic Doctor, holistic healer, and pioneer in the western world for bringing natural healing through food, has been the formulator for Frownies skin care since 2014. Frownies skin care formulations use very small amounts (almost only traces) of essential oils so that the products are hypoallergenic. Always test on a small section of skin, but Frownies skin care formulation is unlike other skincare formula and our ingredients are naturally grown and of the highest quality. 



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