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      Celebrating Earth Day with These Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

      Frownies is proud to be a company aligned with the environmental awareness movement. 

      Sadly, the beauty industry is a major contributor to our planet’s pollution problem. Packaging and shipping creates excessive waste. In addition, unsold, returned, and expired products contribute to the waste problem.

      In contrast, Frownies is one of the leading environmentally conscious beauty brands.

      Here are some ways that Frownies products stand out from others on the market: 

      • Frownies Facial Patches are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

      Frownies Facial Patches are made from weighted paper with a water-activated adhesive making the patches recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. 

      • Many of Frownies’ other products are also reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. 

      There is little to no waste when using Frownies Under Eye Gels. Frownies Under Eye Gels are unique compared to other eye gels on the market as they are reusable. The eye gel will appear to shrink as it is absorbed directly into the skin over three to five applications. Because they are made from cactus collagen and aloe vera, any remnants of the eye gels are biodegradable and compostable.  

      Frownies newest product, the Apple Serum, is packaged in single-dose ampoules to maintain potency without added preservatives. The ampoule packaging is made from biodegradable plant-based packaging, making it environmentally friendly by limiting excessive waste.

      • Frownies’ skincare is all-natural, non-GMO, and organic whenever possible.

      Frownies formulations are primarily based on natural ingredients derived from sustainable, renewable sources, Occasionally, Frownies skincare may include select functional synthetic ingredients where warranted to achieve enhanced performance and safety in clean beauty formulations.

      Free from synthetic dyes and fragrances, Frownies skincare carries the scents of pure, cold-pressed therapeutic-grade essential oils. These natural sources are better for the environment. 

      • Frownies limit waste through small-batch, in-house production. 

      Frownies products are made to order. Frownies is proud to hand-make all their formulas in small batches in their warehouse in Ohio. 

      • Frownies products are vegan and never tested on animals. 

      Due to its commitment to sustainability, Frownies skincare is better for you and better for the environment. 


      By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


      Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and three young boys.

      Frownies Celebrates Women’s History Month!


      Our mission at Frownies is to “honor, embrace, [and] celebrate being … a woman!” And those are the principles that our company was founded upon over 100 years ago!  

      Before many women were in the workforce, before woman owned businesses, even before women had the right to vote, Frownies has been owned and operated by strong, independent women since their invention in 1889. 

      In honor of Women’s History Month, we at Frownies would like to highlight the accomplishments of the five generations of women who have led our family business. 

      Margaret Krosen (1873 - 1962)

      Margaret Krosen was the oldest of eight children to Irish immigrants. As a young woman, Margaret worked for a bank as an assistant to the bank manager. She eventually worked her way up to managing director of the bank-owned B&P Company which, at the time, sold barber supplies. However, the business was struggling, but Margaret bought the company from the bank and began to sell her own invention – the “Wrinkle Eradicator” that would eventually come to be known as Frownies Facial Patches

      In her own home, Margaret rolled an adhesive onto weighted paper and used a special perforating tool to cut the paper into the small patch shapes that could be wetted and applied to form a cast to lift the skin and relax the muscle – and the technology has basically remained the same ever since. 

      Alice Laumer (1893 - 1953)

      Margaret had one daughter, Alice, before her husband passed away. Alice became a well-known concert pianist, and she traveled the country with her mother Margaret– and later with her own daughter Peggy – playing shows including many appearances at Carnegie Hall in New York and most notably for President and First Lady Coolidge at the White House. 

      Alice’s mother Margaret would bring her “Wrinkle Eradicators” with her to share with Broadway performers and make-up artists. Eventually, the little box of facial patches made it all the way to California where they became known as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Beauty Secret.” 

      After Alice’s husband passed away, she and her infant daughter Peggy moved back in with her mother Margaret, and the three women ran the business out of their home. Frownies were mostly advertised by word of mouth, so the women responded to letters from all over the world ordering the facial patches. 

      Peggy Wright (1923 - 2018) 

      When Peggy became an adult and married her husband, she became a businesswoman in her own right. She assisted her husband’s business ventures and entertained his clients and their wives while continuing to make and sell Frownies Facial Patches.

      Peggy and her husband eventually bought a building in Cleveland, Ohio. Half was used for her husband’s business and half was kept as Peggy’s office and Frownies warehouse. 

      Peggy, like her grandmother Margaret, continued to run the family business well into her late 80s.

      Kat Wright 

      Kat, Peggy’s daughter-in-law, is the current CEO of Frownies. Kat has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She has written two books, opened a yoga studio, taught cooking classes, and run a healing practice as a naturopathic doctor – all while raising her five children. 

      Kat began working alongside her mother-in-law, Peggy in the early 1990s and took a more full-time role with the company in the early 2000s. Kat brought her wealth of natural health knowledge to the company to expand the Frownies brand with a natural skincare line including serums, moisturizers, and lotions. Kat is always researching the most innovative natural skincare ingredients to continue to elevate the Frownies brand while staying true to the Original Wrinkle Patch. 

      The Next Generation of Frownies Women

      The fifth generation of Frownies women have brought the Frownies Facial Patches into the modern era. Like their great-great-grandmother Margaret, Kat’s three daughters are entrepreneurial and have started their own businesses in health, wellness, fitness, fashion, and make-up. 

      Recently, Kat’s oldest daughter, Helen Morrison, has become the face of Frownies across social media platforms. But Helen and her two younger sisters have been involved in the family business since an early age. Reminiscent of their grandmother Peggy’s childhood, some of their first memories are helping in the warehouse folding and packaging Frownies Facial Patches alongside their grandmother and mother. 

      We at Frownies are proud to be known as a fifth-generation female owned and operated brand. We strive to maintain the personal customer service that the Frownies customers have always appreciated since 1889. 

      Check out this recent comment from one of our customers on Instagram:

      “Did I mention the customer service is winning with this company!!
      Being in sales now I truly appreciate incredible customer service!
      People will always remember how you make them feel… doesn’t matter how good your product is!
      I shared my video yesterday and they were so sweet, reached out and thanked me, then offered some helpful tips and even shared a video and a friendly voice memo.”


      By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


      Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young boys.


      Give your body some extra love this Valentine’s season with Frownies Citrus Honey Body Wash!

      Don’t just cleanse your skin – protect and nourish your body’s largest organ with Frownies Honey Citrus Body Wash

      Your skin is your first line of defense for your immune system. Healthy skin provides a physical barrier against the outside world. Healthy skin is smooth, hydrated, and glowing; While dry, cracked skin anywhere on your body can allow for bacteria, viruses, or fungi to get in causing infection or serious illness. 

      Take your morning routine beyond simply cleaning your skin and begin hydrating and healing right in the shower with Frownies Citrus Honey Body Wash loaded with thoughtful, healthy ingredients! 


      Ingredient Highlights: 

      Organic Aloe Vera  - Unlike other body washes where the main ingredient is water, our body wash starts with an aloe vera juice base. Aloe vera is known for its skin healing properties. It is widely used to soothe irritated, itchy skin and aid in the healing of minor cuts and abrasions. Aloe vera is easily absorbed into the skin, making it ideal for all skin types from oily to dry. 

      Organic Apple Juice - Apple juice contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is known to have multiple skin-related benefits. AHA acts as a gentle exfoliant and helps to remove dead surface cells from the skin improving the overall tone and texture. AHA in apple juice is also thought to brighten skin and promote collagen production.

      Willow Bark - Willow bark has a host of skin benefits as it is rich in salicin, the compound that salicylic acid is derived from. The salicin in willow bark is a potent anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation and redness on the skin. Willow bark is also a gentle exfoliator and antimicrobial which helps leave your skin clean and radiant. 

      Honey - Honey is a superior natural moisturizer and a powerful antimicrobial. Honey is unique in that it can penetrate deep into the skin’s layers due to its specific enzymes; therefore, it hydrates from within by drawing moisture past the skin’s surface. As an antimicrobial and gentle exfoliant, it clears the skin of dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria. It cleans pores and reduces acne and blemishes all over the body. 

      Citrus Essential Oils - The essential oils of orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, and mandarine not only provide natural fragrance, but these essential oils are known for their mood-boosting properties. Citrus essential oils are thought to decrease stress, ease anxiety, and increase energy levels – The perfect way to start your day! These specific essential oils are also known to be natural antimicrobial agents

      Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is known to reduce free-radical damage to the skin caused by UV sun exposure. It may improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 


      Just as important as what’s IN our body wash, is what we left OUT! Frownies Citrus Honey Body Wash is free from synthetic fragrance, toxic preservatives, and harsh surfactants that strip the skin of natural oils and moisture. 


      Elevate your showering experience with Frownies Body Brush! Squeeze Frownies Honey Citrus Body Wash onto a wet Frownies Body Brush to cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulate your lymph system from head to toe. The natural bristles expand as they absorb water to exfoliate your skin without causing damaging micro-tears. The small rubber knobs between the bristles increase blood circulation to the skin and underlying tissues as you wash, aiding in the body’s natural detoxification to improve the tone of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 


      By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


      Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young boys.

      A Beginner’s Guide to Confusingly Smooth Skin

      Morning Skincare Routine

      Is glowing skin part of your New Year’s goals but don’t know where to start? In preparation for the New Year, we interviewed Amy, Master Esthetician at Hand and Stone Spa in Richmond, Virginia, to get the low-down on a beginner’s basic skincare routine.

      “A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated,” Amy says. “A few hard-working products will get you started.” Check out the following step-by-step routines for morning and evening that utilize just a few key products. 

      Morning Skincare Routine:

      1. Cleanser - Most of us  know that we should be washing our face. A basic cleanser will remove dirt, bacteria, makeup, and dead skin cells. Because the skin on our face is unique, it is best to avoid harsh astringents and synthetic fragrances which will only cause irritation. Start with Frownies pH Balancing Face Wash. The pH balancing properties make it perfect for any skin type, from oily to acne-prone. 
      2. Toner - A toner restores the natural pH of your skin’s surface and creates a protective barrier that allows the good stuff–serums and moisturizers–to pass through while keeping the bad stuff, like dirt and bacteria, out. “Opt for a spray-on toner which will prevent physical irritation to your skin,” Amy says. “Simply allow the toner to air-dry onto your skin or you may choose to gently pat it in with your fingertips.” Grab Frownies Rose Water Hydrator.
      3. Serum - Serums are highly concentrated ingredients to address specific skin concerns. Different serums can fight acne, maximize hydration, boost collagen, or target dark spots. Try Frownies Skin Serum with Vitamins C to lighten dark spots and even skin tone plus Vitamin E to lock in moisture and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
      4. Moisturizer - If you’ve been doing anything for your skin, you have probably used a face lotion. Any moisturizer will add hydration to the skin; a great moisturizer will add a protective barrier to limit water loss and protect from environmental damage. Opt for Frownies Moisturizer Face & Neck with Zinc Oxide for the added sun-protective benefit. 
      5. Eye Cream - The skin under the eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face which can show signs of fatigue and aging more quickly. Eye creams provide targeted hydration to keep the skin under the eye smooth and supple. Make sure to gently pat in a small amount of product using your ring finger, the weakest finger, to protect the delicate under-eye area, according to Amy. Frownies Eye Cream comes with the added benefit of caffeine from green tea to reduce the appearance of dark circles and decrease puffiness under the eye. 
      6. SPF - Dermatologists recommend wearing an SPF every single day, specifically focusing on the face, ears, and hands–all the areas that are constantly exposed to the sun. An SPF protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB, reducing the risk for skin cancer and combating premature signs of aging.  

      With this morning skincare routine, you are ready to tackle the day with glowing skin, whether you choose to wear makeup or not.  

      Evening Skincare Routine

      Now that you have a basic morning routine established, you are ready to move onto your evening routine. Good news! Many of your AM products will do double-duty for you in the PM!  

      Evening Skincare Routine:

      1. Cleanser - Start with the same cleanser as your AM routine to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, and environmental pollutants your skin may have been exposed to throughout the day. 
      2. Mask - A face mask is great for deep cleaning and detoxing the skin. Amy recommends starting with a face mask just once per week to see how your skin responds; then, you can increase usage up to two times per week. A great face mask will help absorb excess oil, deep clean pores, and prevent acne. We love Frownies Blue Green Algae Clay Mask
      3. Toner - Again, use your same toner in the evening to maintain a balanced pH of your skin. The added benefit of hyaluronic acid in Frownies Rose Water Hydrator is known to improve the skin’s hydration, firmness, and elasticity and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. 
      4. Serum - Since you won’t be layering on SPF and make-up, you can opt for a heavier serum in the evening to target specific skincare concerns. Some people will choose to use a prescription-strength retinol in this step. Just be aware, when beginning a retinol, many people experience redness, irritation, and peeling. 
      5. Moisturizer and Eye Cream - Lock in hydration while you sleep with another layer of moisturizer followed by your under eye cream. 
      6. Frownies Facial Patches - Have you heard of the original facial patches that are referred to as “Hollywood’s best kept secret?” Frownies Facial Patches for the Forehead & Between the Eyes contain no active ingredients; instead, they create a cast to train facial muscles and allow the overlying skin to lay flat, reducing the appearance of wrinkles - while you sleep! Pro Tip: Skip the serum on the areas where you will be applying your Frownies Patches to allow the patches to adhere to the skin properly. 

      There you have it! Skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Cheers to your best skin in the New Year!


      By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


      Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young boys.

      Happy Holidays from Our #FrowniesFam to Yours!

      wrinkle treatment, facial patch, wrinkle patch, Botox alternative, Frownies, Forehead wrinkles

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! What a crazy and eventful year it’s been, yet again! But we are so glad that we were able to share it with YOU, our #FrowniesFam!

      In the midst of the holiday hustle, we at Frownies want to take time to express our sincere gratitude for continuing to support our women-owned and operated small business. We cannot stress to you enough how each “like,” “comment,” and “share” helps propel our fifth-generation family business to new heights. We see and try to respond to every comment and message because it really does mean the world to us that you take the time to connect with us. 

      So, whether you’ve been around for a few decades(!) or are a new customer this year, THANK YOU for being a part of our #FrowniesFam!

      This past year was especially exciting around the Frownies office! We were excited to see younger women trying our Frownies facial patches as a non-invasive response to the current trend towards preventative Botox. We believe that aging gracefully means honoring, embracing, and celebrating being a woman–And that begins with a great skincare routine starting in your 20s and carries you into your 90s and beyond!

      In addition, you helped us develop and test new products! Spurred by your specific concerns about wrinkles on your neck, we were able to add new products including the Frownies Chin Up which uses peptides to provide targeted skincare to the neck and jawline. 

      In 2021, we also added a few new team members and expanded our reach on social media. Make sure to check us out on TikTok and Instagram!  

      Looking ahead to 2022, we at Frownies have exciting things planned for the new year! We are expanding our physical space to accommodate all the production changes we took on last year. And although we can’t share exact details just yet, we are excited to announce that we have multiple new skincare products in the works for 2022!

      We at Frownies were infinitely blessed by YOU, our customers, in 2021, and we are looking forward to BIG things in 2022. So, here’s to wishing you a holiday season that is full of joy, peace, and happiness!

      By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


      Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young boys.