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Aloe After Sun Care w/Lavender

Aloe After Sun Care w/Lavender

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"I Love the Sun and Aloe!"

"After sun exposure I apply Aloe gel generously to my skin. The gel cream feels wonderful on my skin, whether in the sun or not. I love the lavender too.  I feel confident in Frownies products - knowing they are made safely with good ingredients."—Maria S




Research shows the aloe plant can be used to help with the healing process of a sunburn.

A compound in aloe called aloin was found to be responsible for the plant’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

Aloe Vera can also help to moisturize the skin and prevent peeling that sometimes happens with sunburns.

Aloe is packed with the antioxidants and Vitamins C and E.


Organic Aloe Vera, Lavender essential oil

Only pure and natural ingredients go into every product!



We are so confident you will see results before the end of your first month of continuous use of our Facial Patches, that if your frown lines do not show any signs of improvement, we will refund purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandy Akers
Why Didn't I Try This Sooner

I had debated many times on whether to try the Aloe Gel After Sun Care, but I found myself with a good sunburn and itchy, peeling, sensitive skin, so I stopped debating and purchased it. Admittedly, I didn't read much about it and thought it was just plain aloe gel, so I was surprised by the strong scent of lavender when I received it. I wasn't concerned, as I know I can trust the ingredients in Frownies so I slathered it on my back. Instant relief. It was cooling and soothing and stopped the itching immediately. And the scent went away after a few minutes. I now use it at other times when areas of my skin may be dry and itchy and/or irritated. Love it.

Hi Brandy, thanks for your review! We're glad to hear you're enjoying the Aloe After Sun Care and are experiencing relief from all of your symptoms! Lavender naturally soothes irritated skin and promotes healing, while aloe is great for hydration, stimulating collagen, and smoothing the skin! We hope you continue to enjoy the product! If you haven't joined us on or, we'd love for you to stay in touch! Cheers, Frownies Customer Care

heide moreland

I love it first time useing it and it works

Heidi! Thanks so much for reviewing our Aloe After Sun Care. So glad to hear you love it. Isn't it amazing how natural ingredients can have such a healing effect on the skin? Frownies has big love for Aloe & Lavender AND for our wonderful customers like you!

Feel free to follow us on or join our Private Facebook Community here:

Thanks again :)
Frownies Customer Care

Cooling Comfort

After spending some time in the sun against my better judgement, I ended up with a burn that hurt. I applied this lotion and my skin felt so much better.

Best aloe cream ever

I accidentally got sunburnt and previously got this aloe cream. I’m so glad I did because I ended up needing it, it was great, it didn’t have a strong scent and the best part, it wasn’t sticky like aloe can be! It made my burn look so much better the next day. I love this cream.

Soothing and effective

Great product and I hope it continues. The gel cream feels wonderful on my skin, whether in the sun or not. I feel confident in Frownies products - knowing they are made safely with good ingredients.