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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      I’m hoping

      Wore them over it’s for first on the 11 s between my brows. Took off in the morning and lines were gone. But as the day goes on they are coming back. I’m hoping with every night use it will be a more longer lasting effect.


      I have not used them a lot, but when I do they work great!

      Love frownies

      They really work! I go to sleep and I wake up in the morning with no frown lines! First time using the rose water and it’s a nice bonus!😊👍

      Etched eye lines

      I think I notice some improvement, and I love the Rosewater spray!

      They are working!!!!!

      I had developed the 11 between my eyes a couple years ago. I wanted to get rid of them and I started using face creams and clay masks and nothing worked. I saw a couple reviews
      about Frownies on YouTube and
      I was curious, so I ordered. I wore the patches every nite before bed and still do. My 11 between my eyes are almost gone;
      They are smoothing out real nice. I didn’t want to get Botox cause I can’t afford to keep it up. These fronies re-train your muscles so they flatten out wrinkles and tighten the skin . You just have to be consistent at wearing the patches every nite. The patches are affordable.
      I just ordered another box. Next time I will order the under eye patches for the area under my eyes. I’ll report back with a review on that when I’ve used for a while. I don’t have any lines on my forehead but these patches help those too. Give them a try. If you are consistent, I’m sure they will work for you too.
      God bless you all!