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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 728 reviews
      They WORK!!

      If your on the fence about trying these just do it and see the results for yourself.

      Page Miller

      Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches

      Leslie Dallas

      I'm 39 and have developed some pretty deep "11s'" in between my eyes. They bother me so much b/c they make me look angry! I saw an Ad for Frownies in my newsfeed and thought I'd try them out. Wow! I've worn them pretty consistently for about 3 weeks and I feel like I have a new forehead! It's like my skin literally went back in time and my forehead looks 10-15 years younger. In the beginning, I noticed the lines reappearing fairly early on in the day, but now I'm seeing more permanent change. I'm also being more mindful of how often I used to furrow and raise my eyebrows. It definitely feels like I'm retraining my muscles. I LOVE that it's a *natural* way to take care of my skin. Thank you for this wonderful product!

      Lauren Rollins
      Love these!

      They really do make a huge difference when you use them regularly. My elevens that were forming are virtually gone. Gives me a little more control as I age gracefully. Totally recommend.

      Christina B
      They may work…

      These may work for me later and I’m sure they work for most people but right now I’m seeing much if any results.I have noticeable lines but I wouldn’t say they’re deep lines. I have used these for the full 30 days. I watched the videos on how to apply them. I wear the full forehead cast. The lines are smoothed to very faint fine lines in the morning but within less than an hour come back. I’m probably more expressive than I realize. I work at an elementary school so I tend to make a lot of expressions at work. I have always had days where my lines looked better than other days so I can’t tell if these have started to hep or if I’m just having a better day. Anyway I bought a second box of these and some of the recommended skin care products to see if I’m someone who needs longer than 30 days for lasting results . We’ll see.