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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 48 reviews
      Isabella Paniagua-Novak
      They WORK!

      They are easy to apply and do prevent those deep wrinkles I usually get in the morning. Since they are literal craft paper adhered to your face, whenever I remove them I have to use water or risk ripping the tiny hairs off my face which isn't really a bad thing but caught me off guard the first time. They stay on ALL night long and I am a crazy sleeper. Every so often I think I wake up because I can feel them but overall I will will re-purchase when this box runs out!! There was the added bonus of making me more aware of how I furrow my brow during the day. Great value for the money.

      Karen Wallace

      I no longer have a right furrow and I can see a real difference the more I wear frownies. I am addicted to the rose water. I use it in my curly hair, over my makeup before I take a walk and then again before bed. Just love your products 🌸

      Delilah Sands
      They work!

      I use them almost every night and they work! Not only do I wake up with a smoother forehead and less noticeable 11 lines, I notice it makes me more aware of how I'm moving those muscles during the day. I've been using them for almost a year now and will never be without them. Priced affordably. The rose water is a must now. I tried it for the first time with my last order and it feels so good on my skin that I mist my face throughout the day. Kinda recharges me. Smells lovely.

      Danielle Caldwell
      Frownies especially between the eyes are a Godsend!

      Results are amazing!!! They really help one to train muscles in forehead to not frown while wearing and to erase forehead lines. I am truly pleased with the results. Someone recently commented on my youthful looks and Frownies has helped me maintain that!

      diana maggio
      They definitely get rid of the wrinkles

      Very good at removing your elevens. I even got hubby to try it. The only downside is it disrupts my sleep. I am a bit of a light sleeper but I feel it and it wakes me up. I have worn them when I am staying home for a few hours with good results. I put on a baseball cap on if I am going to be in the yard. You really can't notice it since the frownie is a similar color to my skin.