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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Emily Cordero
      In amazement!!!!

      So impressive with the progress!!!!!

      Hi Emily!!! Thank you so much for your feedback on our new Chin-ups!!! We're so glad you like them!!! Have a great day!!!

      Eileen Leydecker
      I give Frownies a 10 across the board!

      One of the best products out there!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!❤️❤️❤️

      Hi Eileen!!! We're so glad you like them!!! Have a great day!!!

      Julia Myers
      Ladies, it’s NOICE!

      There’s a lot of extra serum in the pouch! 😃I was able to use it on my neck, face and lil in my chest. One use and my skin feels better! I left my mask on for over an hour and when I removed it, the mask was still not dry. 🤯 I was super impressed by that!

      I did have a question tho. Am I supposed to wash my face afterwards? Or is it better to let it absorb into the skin? Then, wash my face in the morning? Thanks in advance ! ☺️

      Hi Julia! We're so glad you like our new Chin-ups!!! You can absolutely let the contents absorb into the skin after removal!!!