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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 55 reviews
      Super hydrating

      These are very moisturizing and hydrating. They feel refreshing. They are very slippery and will fall so make sure you’re prepared to lay down for a bit while they are on your face. Make sure to put it back in its packaging so you can reuse them a few times.

      Sonya Stevenson
      Broke out

      I tried them 3 times and broke out each time. I really wanted to like them! Love the frownies patches though

      Jeanette Bushell
      One time use and saw instant results!

      I received my package last week for the undereye Frownies, I finally used them last night. I am 53 with basically opaque skin under my eyes and paler than Casper. The results were instant!! I have dark circles under my eyes and got suckered into a very expensive lotion at the mall last year which did not do a thing other than make me question my judgement around hucksters. Frownies worked for me and when I woke this morning, the results were still there! Not a few hours, it lasted. And not only was it an aesthetic result, the area where the Frownies were placed even feels smoother and tighter to the touch. The packaging is not easy, make sure you are opening your Frownies over a a dish so you can pour the liquid that comes out back into the tray. Also, before they dry and stick to your skin, I suggest you make sure you can lie down as they will slide off. Of course this could just be me as I am gracefully challenged.

      Christina Gore
      Loved these

      I saw my puffiness and dark circles disappear after one use of these guys. They feel so good and relaxing too.

      Joy Mendoza
      Absolute Heaven

      These gels feel so good when you cool them and wear them pre-bed. Love that you can get multiple uses out of the same set!