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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 777 reviews
      Good adjunct treatment.

      I have Botox in my forehead, between my brows, but I scrunch my face a lot and the muscles are incredibly strong. I caught myself scrunching my face while trying to go to sleep. I got the Frownies to use along with the Botox. I’ve stopped a lot the scrunching with the Frownies allowing the muscles to weaken which should allow the Botox to work even better. Happy with this purchase.

      Elizabeth Reynebeau

      Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches

      Jennifer Weber
      This product works

      I’ve used this for years but it makes more of a difference the older you get as little lines from expressions tend to stay on your face longer
      It’s fairly inexpensive and a good product

      Mariah Secrest-Comer
      Just what I've been looking for.

      I've really been wanting to do something more serious than product to eliminate and reduce wrinkles as I'm in my late 30's, but being dedicated to a holistic lifestyle and knowing the dangers of traditional medical aesthetics, I wanted a healthy and natural alternative to Botox. I love that I can see an immediate difference when I wake up in the morning! And I'm encouraged by all the testimonials that I'll begin to see some lasting changes soon with regular use.

      Nicole B
      Noticeable difference!

      Using these in the morning and the forehead patches overnight is a great combination- I’m seeing great results.