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We’re starting off the year right this January, with our “New Year, New You” Hydration Bag.

Get $82.35 worth of 4 of your favorite Frownies’ products for only $39.95!

The Hydration Bag includes the following products:

Aroma Therapy Body Lotion 100% PURE steam distilled, organic,therapeutic grade essential oils, organic aloe blended with silky lipids,make up daily rich full body lotion. You will love the feel of you skin and quickly become committed to the sweet floral fragrance of the essential oil and the soft, silky feel of your skin. 118ml

Immune Perfect Organic Aloe and Oat lipid Facial Moisturizer Women in trials said Immune Perfect was the best skin smoothing moisturizer they have every used. Immune Perfect is a gel cream with PLANT BASED ANTIOXIDANTS AND PEPTIDES. A supply of beneficial nutrients helps keep the skin hydrated, smooth and beautiful. Convenient tube for purse size. 30 ml

Immune Shield Serum is 100% Whole Plant based ingredients containing whole form vitamin E, polypeptides, amino acids and phenols all great for fighting oxidation. Plumps fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth. The most difficult skin conditions like adult acne, dry irritations and fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes may be improved with Immune Shield serum. 8ml in a roller bottle

pH Balanced Face Wash with Organic Essential Oils and Botanicals cleans and detoxifies your skin leaving it silky smooth. 118ml

Retail value $82.35
Sale Price $39.95
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