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Natural Acne Treatment

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Natural Acne Treatment



Your body needs the right nutritional balance along with proper skin care to stop acne flare ups. The over production of oil can be a result of drying out the skin. Commonly used high acid products dry up blemishes but lower the pH to an unhealthy level where bacteria growth can occur. Moisturizing over the dry skin starts the blemish over again.

The first time you over dry the skin and drop the pH the body makes too much oil to compensate for the too dry condition. After cleansing with Frownies pH Wash, use Inspired Skin Serum on the entire face, allow it to soak in and apply Face & Neck Moisturizer to keep a hydrated soft skin*. Acne needs long term care and good maintenance. Try the below suggestions to help prevent flair ups*.

If you dry out the skin, then inflammation and bacteria growth start to take over.


  • Balance the skins pH by cleansing with Frownies pH Balancing Complexion Wash*
  • Replenish the skins moisture balance
  • If you tend to have oil skin use Inspired Skin Serum to balance your skin*
  • If your skin tends to be dry use Face & Neck Moisturizer to replenish the skins moisture*
  • Experts recommend balanced nutrition with a whole food supplement to help the body heal the skin*


  • Wash you face twice a day with pH Balancing Complexion wash
  • Apply Inspired Skin Serum to your face daily and any time you see a blemish start
  • If you naturally have dry skin use Face & Neck Moisturizer
  • Keep your hair and hands off of your face
  • Stop using foundation make up until the flair up is gone
  • Take a natural plant based food supplement with zinc
  • Change your pillow case every other day
  • This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat or replace a medical professional for you skin conditions.

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