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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Tami Darr
      TamiTwin's Review

      Love the products!

      Danielle Reynolds
      They definitely work!

      I am 46 years old and had started noticing my 11s and lines on my forehead we’re starting to become a lot more pronounced. So I started using frownies I’ve been using them for the past three months they definitely toned down my 11s a lot and my forehead lines a lot. They are not completely gone but they’ve definitely gone down. I use them probably five nights a week typically. I definitely will continue to use them I don’t want to get Botox and I feel like they frownies are really putting a stop in my lines getting any worse.

      Dawn Johnson

      Love them!!!!

      Sarah Beth
      Frownies Forever

      I started using Frownies about 2 months ago. I'm 44, never tried botox and raise my eyebrows a lot! I have vertical lines and a 1 between my eyebrows. Frownies haven't taken away the lines completely but I can really notice a difference! Frownies have really helped me realize when I'm lifting my brows and I remind myself to relax my forehead during the day too. I actually enjoy putting my Frownies on at night! I will continue to have these part of my routine.

      Aaron Pieratt

      Deep Wrinkles Forehead