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      My go to

      I started using Frownies in my early thirties when I first noticed frown lines that made me look angry all the time. I am now 67 and I've had people gasp when the hear my age. They say I look no more than 50. My motto has always been to look after your face and skin.
      Thank goodness I found Frownies 35 years ago!!!


      I’m happy with my results—I apply Frownies every night to my forehead and between eye area. In the morning, the lines are MUCH more subdued. I consider these a great tool for keeping lines from getting worse over time. You need to understand that, during the course of the day, the lines will show themselves again. Frownies also work great for a quick refresher when going out at night.

      Simple and Affordable Home Care Alernative to Botox

      I want to age gracefully. I also believe in using clean and natural products on my body. That is why I enjoy using frownies forehead and patches. Specifically with rosewater becauase I have read rosewater helps with acne-prone skin. So, yes it looks funny, but so does my retainer and I don't want my teeth to get crooked again so rather than inject Botox in my forehead and look expressionless, I will stick with this natural product and age gracefully. Thank you Frownies.


      I am a real costumer. I bought these out of boredom because I’ve entered into a skin care phase, among many other phases during this crazy quarantined year. I’ve become skin obsessed. I tried these - They work. I’m not kidding. This is not a fake review. I have a deep wrinkle between my eyebrows, just one. I feel like people with just one wrinkle there instead of two have a deeper one. I have been putting a frownies patch on almost every night since getting them (3-4 weeks ago) My line is gone.. It does come back if I dont continue using them, obviously.. but I’m amazed. Sometimes I can see it a little still, but usually when I’m dehydrated. I’ve worn a patch there in the daytime for a few hours a few times too. It’s not like I’m going anywhere lately so why not... haha! A+ Definitely recommend!


      Frownies Combo Forehead and Between the Eyes and Rosewater