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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 50 reviews
      Sarah Leahy

      Forehead and Between the Eyes + Rosewater

      Review of my frownies !

      I love them! My forehead lines are disappearing! Results are amazing.

      Isabella Paniagua-Novak
      They WORK!

      They are easy to apply and do prevent those deep wrinkles I usually get in the morning. Since they are literal craft paper adhered to your face, whenever I remove them I have to use water or risk ripping the tiny hairs off my face which isn't really a bad thing but caught me off guard the first time. They stay on ALL night long and I am a crazy sleeper. Every so often I think I wake up because I can feel them but overall I will will re-purchase when this box runs out!! There was the added bonus of making me more aware of how I furrow my brow during the day. Great value for the money.

      Karen Wallace

      I no longer have a right furrow and I can see a real difference the more I wear frownies. I am addicted to the rose water. I use it in my curly hair, over my makeup before I take a walk and then again before bed. Just love your products 🌸

      Delilah Sands
      They work!

      I use them almost every night and they work! Not only do I wake up with a smoother forehead and less noticeable 11 lines, I notice it makes me more aware of how I'm moving those muscles during the day. I've been using them for almost a year now and will never be without them. Priced affordably. The rose water is a must now. I tried it for the first time with my last order and it feels so good on my skin that I mist my face throughout the day. Kinda recharges me. Smells lovely.