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Rose Water Hydrator Spray 8mL Mini Spray

Rose Water Hydrator Spray 8mL Mini Spray

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Organic Rose Water Hydrator Spray with Essential Oils
The anti-aging benefits of the rosewater and sodium hyaluronate are a wonderfully refreshing pick up after exercising, during air travel or anytime a warm dry environment threatens to dehydrate and age your skin. Carry it in your hand bag and freshen the face as needed. Not just another toner or water spray.

Non irritant
Tested under the control of a dermatologist
Add a Treatment to Frownies Facial Patches
Frownies Rose Water Spray was created to enhance the effectiveness of Frownies Facial Patches (FBE) & (CEM). Rose Water Hydrator is used to add a treatment to the skin and activate the back of the patches.

Refresh Eye Gels, Neck Mask and Full Face Mask
Wet the Gels in the tray for storage between usage. Other toners may dissolve the gel patches or masks.




We are so confident you will see results before the end of your first month of continuous use of our Facial Patches, that if your frown lines do not show any signs of improvement, we will refund purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tracey sprigler

Im really enjoying this product.

Hi Tracey, thanks so much for your review! We're so happy to hear you're loving the Rose Water Hydrator Spray!! If you haven't yet, please join us on or We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care

Maria Mullins
Light and lovely

Works great with the frownies!

Hi Maria, thanks for the review. The Rose Water Spray can be used for hydrating the face, activating the adhesive on the facial patches and rehydrating the Under Eye Gels. It's such a versatile product and one of the many reasons we love it. We're glad you're enjoying it, too! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to message us on or We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care

Jaime Darretta
It's the way to go!

Who doesn't want an extra layer of skincare under their Frownies? I know I do!

Exactly what we think, Jaime!! Thanks for your review! If you haven't yet, please join us on or to hear about new products, tips & tricks, and sale announcements. We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care

Christie Cyr

I love to use this to spray on my frownies before putting them on. I like the mini spray because it easily packs and travels with me anywhere.

Thanks for the review, Christie! We're glad you're enjoying the Rose Water Spray & its travel size! If you haven't yet, please feel free to join us on or in our private Facebook group here: We appreciate you!! - Frownies Customer Care

Sami Tess Goodrich

Rose Water Hydrator Spray 8mL Mini Spray