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Nice serum without being greasy.

This is a great moisturizer if you want to improve lines and wrinkles. It is lightweight but effective. It is great for the neck and chest area as well. I have been using for over six years and would not be without it. I am 89 years young and still get compliments on my skin.

Lynn Peterson

Love Frownies products

I use the Complexion Wash it also washes eye make-up my face feels clean after using it. I also like the Rose Water Hydrator and Immune Perfect they helped my dry patches I get in the winter. My most Favorite is the eye Gels I am 50 and have sun damage on my eyelids and when I use the Eye Gels I definitely see a improvement and for so weird reason I think it helps my dry eye syndrome as well. I will be purchasing more in the future. Love that its a all natural company that cares for womens health. 🙂

Bonnie M Oja

My scowl is disappearing.

They appear to be just what they promised! Not a miracle but a real improvment! They are easy to use and I do not feel them while sleeping. No itching or pulling. I just wanted to use them on the deep burrow between my eyes, but now may try them on the sides of my mouth too!


Does the trick!

Frownie’s are such a simple idea, but they work great. I was getting smoker’s lines (you don’t have to be a smoker, I discovered) that were getting deeper fast, especially since I sleep on my side. I’ve been using these every night, and they seemed to have stopped the progression of the lines.

Kimberly O


I have been using Frownies for decades and find they really make a difference to at least start the day with no frown lines (I wish they lasted all day!) I do find the heavier stock harder to tear off but either way, they work! Are there as many in a box?

Susan Hastings

Surprisingly effective!

Not yet 40, I’m getting an “11” between my brows, probably from being in denial about needing glasses. After the very first night, my creases are SIGNIFICANTLY diminished! Standing a bit back from a mirror, there are no shadows, nothing. Just smooth, relaxed brow. I’m so surprised it worked so well and really, overjoyed.

Carolyn Ng

Products are the best!

I would definitely recommend Frownies products to all without hesitation, being very satisfied with results myself. I believe that the best of ingredients are used in the products. The patches are easy to use, I have even learned to “improvise” using some of them, and I can really see big differences in my lines, etc.The company is very eager to prove that “the customer is always right.”

Kay Jones

These Patches Are Awesome!

I Have Recently Purchased The Patches For The Corners Of Eyes & Mouth! & Also For The Forehead & Between The Eyes! I Would Like To Say That These Patches Really Do Work! & I Would Recommend Them To Anybody That Is Interested In Purchasing Them!

Victor Sanchez

It’s all natural, all good!

This company and the Frownies patches couldn’t be more natural. There’s nothing toxic about it, so side effects, just benefits. Used as the instructions say, the patches make my face younger looking every time. I’m at the age where I need to use them very often, but they work! The company always fulfills my orders promptly — it’s a simple process.

Allura Adelson

Surprised & Thrilled

When I first remove the product, my forehead is flawless and smooth! The frown lines come back after about 8 hours or so. But as the days go by, when the lines do come back, they are getting fainter! After 3 weeks, my frown lines are hardly noticeable. I’m thrilled with the results!

Linda T

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