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Scar Removal Treatment

Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment Process

Scar care is a simple process that will help soften and reduce the appearance of scars. The skin has amazing healing powers, and Frownies Immune Shield can help assist by supplying natural skin friendly ingredients that help support the body's natural healing*.

Keep in mind that the scar treatment is for scars that have already healed on the surface. We do not recommend using the product until you have a doctors clearance and to use a vitamin E serum on the scar. Immune Shield supports the skin's natural repair process. Scars continue to change and heal for up to two years and longer, you will see improved results with continued use*.

When out in the sun remember to cover the scar with a sunscreen rated SPF-15 or higher;

Gently massaging the affected area with Immune Shield in a circular manner for 15 to 30 seconds a few times a day will help break down the dense bands of collagen that attach to underlying tissue, keeping the scar from thickening, a common reaction to cesarean sections, appendectomies, or other wounds.

You may also consider your diet in scar healing. Plenty of water is always good for the skin, regular light exercise can help improve your overall skin health and thus promote healing of scars.Consult your Doctor for specifics to your needs.

Beware of keloids developing! Keloids are unsightly, itchy, thick, red knobby bumps that continue to enlarge over time. Keep the skin soft with massage and Immune Shield to prevent and help the body heal keloids*.

scar treatment

Scarring in areas of increased skin tension or movement tend to be greater, the sooner one can treat a scar, the easier it is for the body to reduce. Always consult a physician if there is any question. Regular, early treatment is the key. Using scar softening products like Immune Shield will help ensure that your skin remains at its healthiest and looking its best*. Try our Immune Shield now and feel the difference today!

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat or replace a medical professional for you skin conditions.

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