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Animal testing and the cruelty surrounding it is an often-overlooked issue that reaches all sorts of animals every day. Despite laws in place designed to help and protect these animals, many animals are hurt and abused every year. Sixty cats become part of animal research every day. That’s more than 22,000 a year! In addition, up to 90% of the animals used in labs aren’t counted in the official statistics of animals tested. Frownies is proud to support and produce items that are not tested on animals. By supporting compassionate charities and companies that refuse to accept animal testing as part of their products, we send a strong message that they won’t receive our hard-earned money when they continue to conduct inhumane animal testing in their laboratories.

Even if a product has blinded an animal during testing, it can still be marketed to you. The tests are not required by law and often produce inconclusive results.
With the advent of virtual organs and artificial skin and eyes, many of these animal tests are simply unnecessary. With over 100 million animals being tested on, injured, or abused annually,
11,000 animal testing facilities not regulated by the USDA , and scientists with newer tools at their disposal, there is no reason to continue this outdated practice.

Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Frownies refuses to turn a blind eye to this practice and is interested in the wellbeing not only of our customers, but the environment and atmosphere in which we live our daily lives.
Healthy and happy is the way to go! Under the Animal Welfare Act, any procedure can be performed on an animal if it is arguably scientifically justified. We believe this cruel practice is unjustified.
The benefits of animal testing are outweighed by the long-term harm it causes, both to the environment and to the animals existing in it.

Animal Testing Statistics