Breaking Self Limiting Beliefs & Becoming the Entrepreneur

Self Limiting Beliefs

Self limiting beliefs can lead us to take short cuts for the feelings surrounding instant gratification. This can lead to a slippery cycle of feeling overall dissatisfied, lacking in substance and longevity, not to mention lacking health. FROWNIES fits into a health driven lifestyle like any other health practice would. Even a medical Doctor (of decades) refers to their profession as a practice, because it requires continuous expansion and application of knowledge and skill.

Health is not a pill, an injection, a tuck, or a face filter. Health is a 24 hour 7 days in a week, practice. A full and whole practice, in learning, in building and utilizing that built upon self learned knowledge until it becomes wisdom in everyday moments to create a lifestyle that promotes and creates health all around you.

You can change anything, you TRUELY have the power! So, ask yourself what your best, HEALTHIEST self would do. If this level of awareness seems foreign to you start with processing and visualizing (without limiting your wildest dreams) what this may look like. Then find safe support and take it one step at a time. Self limiting beliefs effect everyone! The principals that aid us in one area of life usually work across the board. Even if your not an entrepreneur in work you can be an entrepreneur of your life and in health!

How to be  Successful as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the biggest obstacle to your success is not the lack of time or money. It’s what you believe about yourself, specifically, your self-limiting beliefs. So what Makes Self-Limiting Beliefs So Deadly to Entrepreneurs? 

Productivity is vital to entrepreneurs, specifically early-stage entrepreneurs, because business depends on how productive you are. In the early stages of your business, chances are, cash flow might be slow and resources limited, therefore you will need to leverage the hell out of your time. Unfortunately, self-limiting beliefs are deadly to entrepreneurs, because, if unchecked, they tend to: 

Lower aspirations, hopes and dreams

Because, deep inside your sub-conscience, lies the belief that you can't accomplish the desired goal so you set your goal lower. Lowering the level of achievement from remarkable to mediocrity. Not only are you limiting your full potential, you are radically limiting the success of your business. By offering an unremarkable product or service to the market, you will have a harder time standing out in the marketplace and you are setting yourself for more competition from other mediocre providers. 

Patterns of self-sabotage

You think down inside you are a failure and don’t deserve success, while earnestly longing for success, so you throw everything into your entrepreneurial pursuit, working 60, 80, 100 hours a week to the brink of exhaustion. However, in spite of how hard you are working, something in you causes you to make fatal errors that negate all the time, energy, and hard work put into the endeavor. This fatal, self-sabotage could involve issues with product quality, wearing yourself thin, the inability to monetize anything, or making other destructive business mistakes. When the project fails, it then only reinforces the belief that "you are a failure" and "you don’t deserve success". 

Procrastination and laziness 

It is easier to put off a task if you do not believe performing it will lead to success, and due to your subconscious beliefs, that you cannot truly achieve the goal, it makes it effortless to avoid the necessary work through social distractions, surfing social media, watching TV, or whatever other excuse you can come up with. 

Drain your energy

Emotional conflict drains energy—Your heart wants to do one thing, but your mind says something else, so you end up internally fighting with yourself. This internal struggle will drain you of your energy and motivation to act. As an entrepreneur, you need to carefully manage and cultivate the best energy possible to work efficiently, otherwise, the quality and quantity of what you accomplish within a set period of time will be impacted. When your heart and mind are aligned, you will find yourself with enough energy to move mountains. 

Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs with a Logical Technique 

This technique is really great for people who tend more towards the logical than the metaphysical. For example, you may have a hard time believing in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, then this technique is for you. 

  1. Carve out some quiet time to identify your self-limiting beliefs and write them down. They are usually the daily thoughts on loop in your mind, or common thoughts trigged by specific scenarios, such as when you think about finances. 
  2. Pick one self-limiting belief to work on at a time.  Disable each belief one at a time. It is best to start with the smaller ones, beliefs you know are definitely false, such as “All people who succeed in life are successful because they had money”, rather than one that has a long history of painful emotional triggers. 
  3. Ask why you believe this. Reflect on your life—write down every past experience you have had that reinforced this belief. Try to trace back to the earliest experience where the belief emerged. 
  4. Gather evidence that suggests the belief is false. Think of real-life examples of experiences that show a statement about yourself such as this was not true?  Write down every example that indicates this belief is untrue. 
  5. Neutralize self-limiting beliefs with visualization. Most likely these false beliefs are so entrenched in your psychology that they have become well-established thought patterns, often triggered by certain events. Your practice now is, whenever you catch yourself thinking this belief, IMMEDIATELY counteract it by visualizing an image of the opposite. For example, if you believe that the only reason why you are not successful is because you don't have money, next time you think this, focus on all the people who came from more difficult circumstances than you but rose to fortune—Rinse, lather and Repeat. Work your way up your list from the easiest to the most difficult self-limiting belief. 

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs Using the NLP Technique  

NLP or Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy (AKA literally what your brain is doing). NLP asserts that there is a correlation between neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”), and behavioral patterns learned through life experience (“programming”) that can be changed to achieve specific life goals. NLP works by rewiring your patterns of belief by changing the way you talk and think about yourself. 

Changing self-limiting beliefs using NLP techniques: 

  1. Get into the habit of modifying any negative statement about yourself from present to past. Statements made in present tense trick the body into believing it to be a current reality. Statements made in the past implies the event has come and gone, creating a transition that opens up new, future possibilities. So, for example, instead of saying, “I am so disorganized” modify by saying, “I have been disorganized in the past, but I’m much more on top of things now.” Even if you don’t feel comfortable modifying the statement, just replacing “am” with “have been” will create a shift in your reality! 
  2. Identify a specific outcome to achieve. Pick a date for this outcome to occur by. Utilize the power of future mental imagery by seeing the desired outcome has already happened, stating the future date as already occurred. 
  3. Do daily practice. Daily spend time immersing yourself in mental imagery. Imagine the specific details of the future event as it happened in the past in full color. Notice how your body feels. What are your emotions? How did the people around you react when the event occurred? Dedicate at least 15 minutes to this visualization practice repeating the process to make it feel real. 

 Freeing Yourself from Self-Limiting Beliefs with the Future-Self Technique 

This is a powerful exercise that tends to resonate most with those who believe in multi-dimensionality, quantum mechanics, and the power of the subconscious mind. If these concepts are all new to you, I still highly recommend you try to remain open to it, because it can be fun and insightful (and it certainly can’t hurt). 

The paradigm works like this. At any given point in time and space, your spirit is present simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Your body is here in the physical dimension – our material selves/form keep us primarily rooted and operating in this space. However, many different emanations of ourselves exercising different potentialities, both higher and lower, infinitely and simultaneously exist in the space-time continuum. By connecting with and communicating with one of these aspects, you can receive guidance on the best decisions you need to make in order to manifest the desired potentiality. 

  1. Imagine the ideal future you, fully embodying your dreams. Imagine you as you’d like to be. It could be the Millionaire You living in a tropical paradise. It could be the More Compassionate You, embodying a calm and grace that you might be struggling to attain at the present time. Visualize every aspect of the future you, from where you live, to the friends around you, to how much money you might be making, to the challenges you have successfully overcome. 
  2. Give this “Future You” a name. You can work on as many Future You’s as you’d like, but it is important to distinguish between each one with a name. A powerful extension of this is to work on Future You’s at different life milestones, purposes, or dreams. 
  3. Believe this person is real and truly exists. Gather as much evidence as you can from your personal experiences proving how entirely possible it is that you can be this ideal you. Find as many examples of yourself or others that have achieved similar results, some with even more disadvantaged than you. 
  4. Have a daily conversation with “Future You”. Ask "future you" questions about what the best decisions are for you to get to where future you is and as quickly as possible. Imagine your future you as a mentor to your present self. 
  5. Send love and encouragement to the past you once “Future You” status is achieved. This part is the key, because it bridges the time space continuum, and further reinforces the effectiveness of this practice. 

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