History of Frownies

Five Generations of Women Committed to Ageless Beauty Since 1889

The FROWNIES brand originates from a single woman creating a product for all women that would give them a little control over their beauty, even at a time when women could not vote. FROWNIES once called "Wrinkle Eradicators", are the original facial patch to smooth and soften wrinkles, but the brand has evolved into something even bigger. The energy behind FROWNIES is empowerment of women to honor, embrace and celebrate who they are. From Margaret Krosen, Alice Laumer, Peggy Wright to Kat Wright  and Helen Morrison today. These women honored other women and stood in their strength and uniqueness. 

The spirit behind the company today, Kat and Helen, is the same as past Frownies family generations. They bring to the brand a commitment to celebrating every woman and her personal strengths while helping her bring them to life right where she is today. We believe women are beautiful, vital and should be honored first by themselves and each other.

Frownies are the Original Facial Patch for wrinkles and frown lines. Created by a woman for women, before injections and surgery took away our natural beauty, Frownies Facial Patches have been promoting a simple and effective way to ward off deep expression lines. Since 1889 the simple facial patch created by the Frownies family has helped women look and feel their best.  

The secret to smoothing wrinkles with facial patches was a well-kept beauty secret between Broadway + Hollywood stars and makeup artists for generations. From this rich history until today, FROWNIES stand the test of time by effectively reducing signs of aging by minimizing expression lines.

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History of FROWNIES

Following in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps, Margaret Wright in the 1960's re-designed and updated packaging for FROWNIES, never altering the formula which had proven so effective and passed the wrinkle treatment legacy on to her family.

The current President, Kat Wright, of FROWNIES is a Naturopath, Yoga Instructor and wellness educator. Kat is the fourth generation to carry this family-owned and operated commitment to other women, the FROWNIES legacy continues with Kat’s three daughters Helen, Sally and Maggie and numerous women around the world who continue to share the secret of wrinkle-smoothing facial patches. The Wright family's goal is to inspire women to excellence and bring their commitment for well-being to every customer. 

Helen can be seen in our video's sharing Frownies but also sharing her vast array of knowledge in the wellness arena. Helen shares fitness, food hacks, meditation and overall wellness coaching with a network of women around the world. 

In its current inspiration, FROWNIES skincare line carries the energy and strength of Kat's and Helen's commitment to natural and organic ingredients offering only the best for women. For more information, watch the family discuss the enduring success of FROWNIES Facial Patches and get other health and wellness tips on YouTube.

Wright Family portrait sitting on a couch