Q: Are the Original Facial Patches paper?

A: Yes. Paper lets the skin breath; it does not suffocate skin cells as plastic on the skin does.

Q: Do I have to use Frownies Facial Patches every night?

A: We recommend using Frownies Facial Patches every night for 30 nights to receive lasting results. After you have trained your facial muscles, you should wear the Facial Patch a minimum of three to four days a week in order to maintain proper facial posture. Fine lines can be smoothed in less than 30 nights and often only need 3-4 nights every week to maintain wrinkle free skin.

Q: Do Frownies Facial Patches really work?

A: We have been in the facial patches business since 1889 - over 100 years with guaranteed results. The Original Facial Patches are mimicked but never duplicated in quality or effectiveness. 

Q: Sometimes the patch leaves a redness on my skin at the edges, what am I doing wrong?

A: Cover a larger area using additional patches and be sure to overlap each patch. When you smooth out and open a wrinkle be careful not to over stretch the skin, if this happens use Moisturizer Face and Neck and it will quickly fade.

Q: The patch is a little too large is it okay to cut it to a smaller size?

A: Yes. Trim the edges down to a size that is comfortable for you.

Q: Does the shiny backing peel off?

A: No. The shiny backing is a natural, dry, adhesive that is water activated. Simply moisten the shiny side with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray

Q: I am having trouble making the patch stick what am I doing wrong?

A: Make sure you are applying the patch to freshly washed skin without any heavy night creams. The patch could also be a little too wet or not wet enough. Do not hold the patch under running water. If using the Rose Water Hydrator Spray, one or two pumps is sufficient. Spreading the liquid around with your finger is also helpful. Letting the wet patch sit for 15 seconds before applying it will let the adhesive get sticky before you place it on the skin. 

Q: Can I use my night creams with the patches?

A: Many creams will interfere with the patches adhering to the skin. If trying the patches with your cream make sure you allow at least 15 minutes absorption time before applying the patch.

Q: Can I use the patches with "Retinol" and/or "Retinol A" creams?

A: Frownies Facial Patches can be used with these products with caution. Retinol and Retinol A creams have been seen to cause peeling and irritation to the skin. Do not use Frownies Facial Patches if your skin is already irritated or peeling. Consult your medical dermatologist for this question. 

Q: Will the ingredients in the patches react with my other products?

A: We cannot know every product ingredient you may use but if you let your products absorb before applying the patches you should not have any problem. If you suspect an issue we suggest testing the patch with the products on you forearm. 

Q: What are the active ingredients in the patches?

A: There are no active ingredients. The results are due to a muscular response to the Facial Patches. Working like a splint on the skin, the patch holds the muscle in place, retraining the muscles to lie in a smooth flat position again.

Q: Do the patches have to be used with the Rose Water Hydrator and Frownies Moisturizer Face and Neck in order to get results?

A: The overall results will be better when used with the recommended products; however you will still get great results using the Frownies Facial Patches by themselves. 

Q: Can the Facial Patches be used on the neck?

A: Facial Patches are not designed for the neck area. We recommend using our Frownies Skin Serum with Vitamin E and Ceramides on the neck as well as our Frownies Neck CHIN-UP Polypeptide mask or Moisturizer Face and Neck Gel Cream.

Q: Can Facial Patches be used under my eyes?

A: NO! Facial Patches are not designed for the under eye area. We recommend using our Frownies Under Eye Gels and Eye Cream for the area under the eyes since it is more sensitive than other skin on the face.

Q: Are these products gluten free?

A: We do not use wheat or gluten in our products. While, Frownies products are not certified gluten-free, they do not have any gluten-containing ingredients in them. We do have customers with gluten sensitivities including celiacs who use Frownies, and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone who is concerned and wants to try them out for themselves.

Q: Are these products vegan?

A: Most of Frownies products are not sourced from animals, with the exception of the Citrus Honey Body Wash (contains honey) and the Body Brush (made with natural boar's hair bristles). Frownies is not currently Leaping Bunny certified or certified vegan, but Frownies products are not tested on animals.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Frownies patches?

A: The Frownies Facial Patches will keep indefinitely as long as they are kept dry.

Q: Will I damage my skin from wearing them too often?

A:  Frownies Facial Patches are a safe and all natural patch that work like a splint. Many women have worn them long periods of time. However, it is good to know your skin and always be aware of any irritations that occur and respond accordingly. Allergies or irritation can develop in the human body at any time for a variety or reasons. 

Q: What if the edges are peeling up?

A: There is no need to be concerned with the edges peeling up as long as the rest of the patch is secure on the skin.

Q: Can they be used on a saggy jaw line?

A: Facial Patches are not designed for saggy jaw line.

Q: Will you make a large patch for the forehead so I don't have to piece them together?

A: Creating your own large patch lets you fit the patch to the curve of your forehead and customize the patches to fit best. The Forehead Serum Patch fits the entire forehead if you would like to try it once the creases are softer. 


Q: Do Gentle Lifts work like the Original Facial Patches?

A: Yes, customers report the same smoothing and lifting of creases.

Q: How long should I wear Gentle Lifts?

A: Gentle Lifts are worn overnight or any time you have at least 3 hours to leave them on.

Q: Where can I place the Gentle Lifts?

A: Gentle lifts were created for tight areas of the face where wrinkles were hard to get to like around the lips, but may be used anywhere the muscle has a crease in  it.

Q: Is there Latex in Gentle Lifts?

A: No they are hypoallergenic.

Q: Can I use them over moisturizer?

A: Yes, allow the moisturizer to absorb in to the skin for 15 minutes prior to applying the Gentle Lifts.

Q: Are Gentle Lifts reusable?

A: Gentle Lifts can be reusable, depending on the moisturizer and how much oil the skin has. Many of our customers place the patch on the edge of a small saucer to keep it clean and use the same patch a few times.


Q: Are the Eye Gels Reusable?

A: Yes, you can expect three to five uses of 30 minute treatments. Use Rose Water Hydrator to keep the patch moist between uses.

Q: How long do I leave the Eye Gel on?

A: 15-30 minutes not longer than 30 minutes.

Q: Can I leave Eye Gels on over night?

A: No, they are a 30 minute treatment.


Q: Is the Serum Patch the same as the Facial Patches?

A: No this patch is a treatment to the skin. It is soft and acts as a carrier for for the aloe and macadamia nut serum which penetrates in to the skin under the patch to plump, hydrate and smooth wrinkles.


Q: Do I have to use Rose Water Hydrator Spray with Frownies Facial Patches?

A: No the Patches work on a mechanical process and can be wet with distilled water; however, the Rose Water adds an effective anti-wrinkle treatment to the skin under the patch as well.

Q: Is it beneficial to use Rose Water Hydrator alone on my skin?

A: Yes! The ingredients all have beneficial properties alone; see the ingredients list for an explanation.

Q: How should I use the Rose Water Spray?

A: There are several ways to benefit from our Rose Water Spray:

1. It is great to set makeup by spraying lightly from an arms distance away over you finished makeup.

2. Carry Rose Water Spray in your purse when traveling as it is a great hydrator during air travel which is very drying.

3. Any hot dry environment is damaging to the skin, use Rose Water Hydrator to keep moisture in the air around the face by misting the skin lightly throughout the day.

4. Used to activate the Facial Patches adhesive and also to keep our Gel Patches (Eye Gels, Full Face Mask, Neck Mask) moist between uses. 


Q: When should I use the Frownies Eye Cream?

A: Frownies Eye Cream is a great hydrator for around the eyes; use twice daily in the morning and at night.


Q: When should I use the Frownies Moisturizer Face and Neck?

A: Frownies Moisturizer Face and Neck is used twice daily, morning and night. You may like to use the Frownies Skin Serum in the evening under your Moisturizer for extra hydration.

Q: Are Frownies products safe to use during pregnancy?

A: Yes! There are no active ingredients in our products, so they are safe to use if pregnant.


Q: What is unique about Frownies Face Wash?

A: Frownies Face Wash is a gentle exfoliate from natural fruit extracts that removes dead skin cells but is not so harsh as to remove cells not ready to exfoliate. It can be used every day morning and evening to remove make up and environmental chemicals. This face wash smells amazing and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!


Q: What is unique about Frownies Skin Serum?

A: Frownies Skin Serum is rich in antioxidants, peptides and beneficial lipids to soften and smooth the appearance of your skin. Skin Serum is high in ceramides, lipids naturally found in skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance, We created this product as an after sun treatment. UV rays cause oxidation on and in the skin leaving the skin looking aged and damaged, Skin Serum aids in restoring the cells leaving your skin with a dewy glow.