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    Results Since 1889

    Frownies original facial smoothing patches were created in 1889. This woman-owned business has sustained itself across 5 generations! We invite you to become part of the Frownies Family. Experience the consistency and stability that has led to our company’s longevity. #frowniesfam

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    About FROWNIES Facial Patches.

    · A simple method to temporarily smooth wrinkles safely and without injections or chemicals.

    · Smooth fine lines in as little as 30 minutes (longer for deep lines). Maintain results with regular use.

    · 144 triangle anti-wrinkle patches - ideal for 11s, and horizontal lines on the forehead.

    · 144 patches in two shapes for the Corner of Eyes and Corner of Mouth.

    · Both style Facial Patch can be used anywhere there are deep lines in the muscles and are able to be tailored to fit your face.

    · Piece together to build a larger patch or trim for a smaller patch.

    · Mild Exfoliation remove gently with lots of water or less water to exfoliate for smooth skin.


    It's not dry skin alone, nor is it sun damage alone. While both can contribute to the fine lines on the surface and UV Rays do damage collagen, the deeper lines are not caused or changed by surface treatments.

    What really causes these deeper wrinkles are facial expressions.

    Every time you squint at your electronic devices or into the sunshine, raise your eyebrows, or scowl or show worry and anger you are creating the crease. Day after day, year after year, these repetitive motions form creases in your skin we call wrinkles.

    The good news is that you can train your muscles under the skin back to being smooth, and help prevent new lines from forming.