Frownies Reviews

Real customer love Frownies Facial Patches for wrinkles and fine lines.

Wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes, wrinkles on the corners of the eyes or the corners of the mouth, lip lines and smiles lines are all able to be softened and smoothed at night while you sleep. See the reviews and comments of customer after using Frownies products. 

"Amazing Product! Really Works!"

"I have been using Frownies wrinkle patches consistently for a month and have noticed a huge difference in my forehead wrinkles and frown lines. The wrinkles are no longer deep set and more fine lines now. You need these!" — Rebecca Hart

"So Good!"

 I started getting B-tox when I was 35. I am now 43. I have not had B-tox since December 2021. I’m all in with Frownies now that I know you exist. Been using for a little less than a year and love them! Thank you for existing! No more needles for me! Amazing!!  -- Rebecca A Jensen

"Forever Customer"

Amazing! I have always used filters on my pictures because of my forehead wrinkles but no longer have to! My skin is so smooth! I’ve been using them for about two months and will forever be a customer! --Sheila

"Worth the money!"

"I have been wearing Frownies for my smile lines for about a month and the results are incredible. I will definitely keep purchasing and using these every night and I would recommend them to everyone!" Ana 


I am 68 years old I have tried every cream and facial product out there for lines around the sides of my lower mouth.last night I tried frownies and I am amazed the deep wrinkles were almost gone.i am going to recommend this to everyone.They really work!!!!! --M.D.