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Trial Chin-up Peptide Neck and Chin Mask

Trial Chin-up Peptide Neck and Chin Mask

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This Trial Chin-up Peptide Neck and Chin Mask is designed to provide jawline support and firming and toning of the chin and neck with the help of polypeptides. With daily use, this mask will help to firm and tone your chin for a more defined jawline.

"Chin up

These mask made my neck look so good ,gets rid of dry wrinkled old look . Wore every morning for a while now every couple of mornings I put it on the keep neck and chin looking younger" - Linda Hinton

"Turn my Frown upside down"

 The entire Frownies product line has been ah-may-zing!!! No joke, figuring out how to unwrap/unfold the neck and chin mask was a bit of a challenge at first, mainly because it is SATURATED with serum, but after a couple, you get it. Then I get it in place, it isn't uncomfortable or weird feeling, I also scoop all the extra serum out of the bag and rub it all over the mask, all the way down into my cleavage area. And then I grab a beverage and chill... I can chat on the phone, work on the computer, clean, or do whatever while the mask dries and releases the serum into my skin. Removal is easy too. This product is easy to use, has no odor, leaves my skin super supple and smooth for days. I love the entire Frownies line, and can't imagine why I didn't try it before my daughter recommended them! -- Staci Rea

One Mask 

How to apply for best results

Remove the mask from the package, unfold and hook the loops around your ears. There are two lengths of loops choose which one keeps the mask tight. Adjust the strap under your lip and over your chin. Smooth the mask under your chin and around your neck.

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes or longer. This is a one time use product it will dry and loosen up as the peptides are absorbed.

Be sure to use the peptide solution in the bottom of the pouch that holds the mask on other areas of your face and chest.

Understand the details

CHIN-UP Peptide chin and neck mask treatment.

NOT Reusable

The jaw line and upper neck develop thin loose sagging skin and can be a difficult area to support.

Frownies Chin-Up mask applies beneficial peptides on the area of the jaw line and neck to support firmer and tighter skin.

Studies suggest with consistent use Copper tripeptide-1 may tighten loose skin and improve elasticity, density, and firmness. Peptides are used to reduce fine lines as well as deeper wrinkles. Some women say peptides improve skin clarity and even reduce hyperpigmentation.

Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids that can help produce collagen and elastin, two types of connective tissues responsible for smooth and firm skin.

Copper peptides have the ability to work below the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin.

Ingredients from the Earth

Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, 1,2 Hexanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Maltitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Oligopeptide-1, Copper Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1.

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Our Promise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda Amanda
Love, but a bit too spendy 🫤

Really great product! Using twice 1 month apart and I saw zero change….but didn’t expect to. I don’t think the product can replace lost collagen! Just a great treatment. Using once/month isn’t really enough as I would like to use a couple times/wk. Would be nice if there was a discount to buy in bulk. If there is I wasn’t able to see that. Would make sense to combine shipping for more than 1 as single shipments seem like a waste of resources (time/shipping cost/padded envelopes) from a business perspective? Anyhow, if they were $4 each for 25 quantity I’d be all over it!

Hi Amanda, thank you for the review. We're glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with Frownies Chin-Ups Mask. We agree that this product needs to be used consistently and for 2-3 months before really seeing lasting changes, as is common with most skincare products due to our skin cell cycle turnover. However, we wanted to bring our 10-pack of Chin-Ups to your attention. The box of 10 masks is $39.95 or $4/mask. If stored properly, customers can usually get 2, sometimes even 3 wears out of each mask! This product is also eligible for a subscription service which provides free shipping (normally free shipping is available over $70). We hope this satisfies your concerns and makes the product feel worth it to you! If you have any questions about any of this, message us on or email All our best, Frownies Customer Care

Deanna Doane
Seeing smoothing

I was skeptical but hopeful. I tried these to just smooth not compelete eliminate my "11's" for a photo shoot. Ordered a month in advance and used religiously each night. They have done what I had hoped. Smoothed so not as prominent. Will be ordering more to get more smoothing happening. the plus is no botox in my body!

Hi Deanna, thank you for the feedback. We're so glad you gave Frownies Facial Patches a chance and you ended up loving your results! As you continue to use them consistently, your results will get stronger and eventually, you'll be able to extend the time between wears. If you ever have any questions along the way, message us on or email Many thanks, Frownies Customer Care

Chabely Valera

Trial Chin-up Peptide Neck and Chin Mask

Thank you for the review, Chabely. We're happy to see you're enjoying Frownies Chin-Up Mask. If you haven't yet, come join us on and Many thanks, Frownies Customer Care

How long??

I left it on for about an hour

Hi Jennifer, thank you for the review. We're glad to see you're enjoying Frownies Chin-Up Mask! If you haven't yet, come join us on and All our best, Frownies Customer Care

Danielle LePage
Chin mask

I thought the chin mask was nice but it was difficult to leave on unless you are laying down. I would lay a towel down as the serum gets everywhere. Not very convenient to use on the go.

Hi Danielle, thank you for the review! We are so happy to hear that, overall, you enjoyed your experience with Frownies Chin Ups! They do come loaded in the serum to keep them from drying out before use. The polypeptide serum is very beneficial for any area of the skin so we recommend rubbing any excess serum onto you neck, chest, and hands! Some customers will also use it to rehydrate the mask for an additional use! If you ever have any questions, please message us on or email All our best, Frownies Customer Care