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As we get older, our skin naturally loses elasticity. Dirt, pollution, and lack of proper hydration, speed up the signs of aging around the eyes on the skin. Signs of aging show up in the eye area because the skin in that area is thin and vulnerable. Frownies anti-aging Eye Cream addresses the under eye skin problems that inevitably show up, most of them can be slowed or prevented if addressed early. There are different kinds of under eye skin issues that show up due to factors like lifestyle and skin type. To help paint a picture here are some examples:



Dry Skin 

Oily and dry skins are on opposite ends of the “skin type spectrum”. This means that while oily skin is more vulnerable to acne, dry skin is more prone to tightness, flaking, and wrinkles.



Oily skin can still get wrinkles, but those with dry skin see wrinkles sooner. Everyone will get wrinkles, not just because of skin type, but also as a natural consequence of facial movement and muscle memory. Getting wrinkles can be delayed by constant moisturizing the eye area, drinking lots of water, and getting good sleep.


Crow's Feet 

“Smile lines” or “character lines”, more commonly known as crow’s feet, are wrinkles around the eye area. They start appearing on the skin from as early as the mid-twenties, but it’s good to note that getting crow’s feet is inevitable without continual hydration and Frownies Eye Cream provides just that.


Under Eye Wrinkles

Likewise, additional under eye wrinkles might appear in that area due to tugging, rubbing and stretching when putting on and removing makeup. Those who do not take care of their skin might notice signs of crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles during their early twenties, but those who take good care of their skin, crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles might not appear even later in life.

Puffy Bags

Puffy bags, dark circles, and bags under the eyes are usually caused by lack of sleep and hydration.
When a person lacks proper rest, his or her eyes will have the tendency to appear swollen bloodshot and watery. This may lead the person to scratch and rub the eye area which can lead to even more under eye skin problems like those mentioned previously. Certain food allergies cause bags under the eyes as well so examining your diet is important.

Dark Circles

Unfortunately, some people are genetically predisposed to getting such skin issues. Some people naturally have dark circles because it’s something that runs in the family, while others get it because of lack of rest. Darker skin under eyes can be address with a circulation stimulating Eye Cream or Eye Gel used regularly. Frownies Gels and Eye Cream help brighten the under eye area.

Bags Under the Eyes

Sometimes, a combination of puffy bags and dark circles will appear in the eye area. However, this does not mean that there’s nothing that can be done waking up with bags under the eyes can be helped to apply eye cream regularly or putting under eye gels on puffy tired eyes. Frownies Gels and Eye Cream help brighten the under eye area.

Tired Irritated Eyes

The eyes and its surrounding area are very sensitive to stress and foreign elements. Eyes that have been overworked and lack rest usually appear swollen and watery; in severe cases (such as when the eyes come into contact with harsh substances), there may be a burning sensation in the eye area.
Resting the eyes every couple of hours, and wearing protective eye-wear like sunglasses and reading glasses can prevent getting tired and irritated eyes.

Poor Skin Tone

In our younger years, we will be able to stay up all night to meet deadlines for work and school, and still manage to party the night away with friends. We will also be able to manage a sense of health despite smoking, drinking and eating a lot of junk, but these lifestyle choices will eventually take its toll on the skin. If you add existing under eye skin problems that you may already have (previously mentioned), then you will not only look older but also more exhausted. Having poor skin tone and dull skin is definitely a telltale sign of age.

Conclusion tips for younger skin

There are a lot of people in their twenties who look much older because they don’t take care of their skin. Likewise, there are a lot of people who may be older in age, but manage to look young because they know how to take care of their skin.

The best way to counteract bad skin and early signs of skin aging is to have a skin care regimen and to start early. This skincare regimen has three basic steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize; a good and consistent skin care regimen, drinking lots of water throughout the day and getting enough sleep will help slow down the signs of aging on your skin. Preventive and damage control methods aside, the fact is, everyone in this world is not exempt from getting older, and signs of aging will eventually appear on our skin.

The best we can do is to slow down the aging process by taking preventive measures by taking good care of our skin and to start doing it as early as possible. Getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as we do it gracefully. And, remember, it is possible to remedy under eye skin problems, especially if you develop a correct skin care routine.

Nevertheless, you can always consider using Frownies Gels and Eye Cream help brighten the under eye area.”>Frownies eye cream to remedy all the eye skin area problems such as dark circles, under-eye puffiness (eye-bags), wrinkles and fine lines, etc. Despite the fact that there are many eye creams on the market, this particular product keeps the skin under your eyes moisturized, toned, and may reduce problems such as wrinkles & fine lines, dark circles, etc.

Frownies Eye Cream

Eye Cream used daily may help the body eliminate the appearance of dark circles, and fine lines under the eyes and on the eye lid.
Frownies Eye Cream contains oat oil, high levels of naturally occurring vitamins and now caffeine, pomegranate, and green tea to promote a younger appearance and protection of the under and around the eye area.

Your eyes will look years younger when hydrated regularly. Apply Frownies Eye Cream to the sensitive under eye area, corner of eyes and eye lid to provide protection, hydration that keep the eyes looking younger and less wrinkled. Next apply Frownies Face and Neck Moisturizer in the morning as well as at night on the entire face and neck area. Also try Frownies Under the Eye Gels!

Frownies Eye Cream: Ingredients Matter

Aloe Vera Aloe contains over 75 different nutrients that help provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin inflammation and stimulate the growth of new cells. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally.

It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish skin moisture.
Oat oil contain ceramides acting identical to skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil moisturizing and rejuvenating benefit. Leaving a silky and smooth feel to the face.
Non GMO Daikon Radish Seed Oil is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phospholipids and naturally occurring vitamin C.

Rose Hip Seed Oil high in Natural occurring Vitamins A, Vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6.

Aspen Bark Extract is a 100%, natural, preservative alternative. .
Millet Seed Extract for silky smooth feeling skin.

Oak extract, – gall nut and oak tannin is included to tone and tighten the skin.
Green tea extract and pomegranate extract. Green tea is exceptionally rich in potent antioxidants that are naturally occuring.

Pomegranate is a juicy, bright red fruit that is considered a super-fruit because of its unique antioxidant benefits. When applied on the skin, this ingredient provides immediate tightening and lifting benefits.

Caffeine’s vasoconstrictive properties help deflate puffiness, increase circulation under the eyes. Furthermore, caffeine also provides antioxidant benefits.

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