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If you want to achieve smooth, glowing skin, Frownies are for you! Frownies Facial Patches are used to smooth and soften wrinkles and expression lines on the forehead, around the corners of the eyes, and the corners of the mouth.

Contrary to popular belief expression lines aren't the result of aging only they're the result of repetitive facial expressions and constantly holding tension in your facial muscles.  The face is the only place on the body where the muscles and skin are attached. With years of repetitive facial expression you are literally training the facial muscles to hold a wrinkled position. The skin settles into the grooves in the muscle and static lines are formed.

When you apply Frownies they dry hard and stiff like a splint or cast for the facial muscles. As the Frownies harden they lift the muscle/skin and hold them flat and smooth. This helps release the facial tension and relax and smooth the lines. Frownies also prevent muscle movement while you're wearing thus them retraining the muscles to relax and helping you gain more awareness and control over the tension you were involuntarily holding in your face.

If your expression lines are faint you may see results quickly but we recommend everyone start by wearing Frownies Facial Patches for 30 consecutive days (we recommend you sleep in them at night). Consistent use is necessary in order to retrain the facial muscles.

If you have deeper wrinkles and expression lines you will need to wear your Frownies Patches every night for the first few months or until you achieve the results you’re looking for..  

Although you may see smoothing results first thing in the morning it’s normal for your wrinkles/expression lines to come back pretty quickly at first because you haven’t truly retrained the facial muscles. Just like fitness, results take time! Your face doesn’t get fit overnight either!