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FROWNIES Skincare is unlike any other skin care system. The uniqueness is found in the ingredients. Take at look at the product ingredient lists at and you will see why. Every ingredient we put into our skin care formulas is for your skin's benefit. Yes, Frownies skincare will have your skin looking younger tighter and "glowier' with continued use, but our intention is to give your skin what it needs, what it craves! Your skin wants to protect you, and Frownies wants to protect your skin. 

Toxic Skin Care Ingredients 

Everyday the average person uses 10 different skin care products on his or her face and body, We slather, lather, rub and spray--and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb approximately 130 chemicals in our daily routines. For most, these are chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to. Cosmetic companies and the FDA maintain that these chemicals are safe, and some of them somewhat are—IN SMALL DOSES!

Effects of Hidden Ingredients

Consider this, the average woman wears makeup every day. This helps you to begin to understand how a little pump here and a simple spray there begins to add up! The scary fact is, no one fully knows how certain chemicals affect us long-term, or how they react when combined together within our bodies. There are other chemicals that do have known dangers: Phthalates, for example, often found in artificial fragrances, are classified as hormone disruptors which can be linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility.

Switching to Non-Toxic Skin Care

The face and neck area is where the most products are applied. This is why switching to non-toxic products for this area of the skin is how you can make the biggest difference for your skin and overall health. Swap out skincare with hidden ingredients for Frownies Moisturizer for Face and Neck and Frownies Eye Cream. If you think about it you may cringe. Why would we want to put the grossest ingredients right on our face? Not to mention a lot of skincare and anti-aging treatments for face and neck have neurotoxins, yet we put them right on our heads.

The Power of Awareness

Sometimes a little awareness can go a long way. Being aware that you can't see all the ingredients in your beauty products may leave you a bit hopeless, but there is hope. Frownies Products have no hidden harmful chemicals, ONLY HEALTHY PLANT INGREDIENTS that help heal and protect your skin naturally. Diet can be a large factor in skin health but unnatural skin care ingredients will perpetuate skin issues and illnesses. Just like your body needs healthy natural ingredients to thrive so does your skin. Don't starve your skin, instead feed it what it needs to do its job properly.

Having Hope During Illness

Before you give up hope take a moment to love your skin, having gratitude that there is another option. You can change the quality of your skin's health with Frownies, and the side effects are balanced, glowing, younger looking skin!

Monthly Skincare Special 

Frownies products are paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium edta free, sodium laureth free, and fragrance free! Frownies products are of such high quality for your skin and body that they are technically edible! Go to to receive a special offer during the month of February on our Face and Neck Moisturizer and our Eye Cream!

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