Can Moisturizing Your Feet Improve the Appearance of the Skin on Your Face?

You may be wasting your money if you are only focusing on the skin on your face. According to a SkinStore report, Americans spend over $300 on skincare products each year. We all want to put our best face forward, but the skin on your face only makes up about 9% of the total surface area of your skin. You may be wasting time and money, or even worse - putting your health at risk - if you are neglecting the other 91% of the skin on your body!

The skin cells on your feet are talking to the skin cells on your face! The skin cells from one part of your body are in constant communication with the skin cells on other, distant parts of your body. Your skin is one continuous organ made up of 19 million skin cells. Specialized skin cells, called keratinocytes, in your epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, are in constant communication with each other. And the “language” they use to communicate is Vitamins A, C, D, and E. 

Caring for all the skin on your body keeps you healthier overall. Damage to the skin on one part of your body can alter the appearance of the skin on another part of your body. This is because your skin is actually the largest organ of your body. It works as part of the immune system, acting as a protective barrier from environmental stressors. Dry, cracked skin is like having a broken fence around your yard. A disruption in this barrier can allow for bacteria, viruses, or fungi to get in and lead to infections and serious illness. This is why you should take the time to care for the skin all over your body–not just on your face! 

So, what are the best ways to care for the skin on your body?

  1. Exfoliating - It takes about 28 days to regenerate all the cells on your skin. Exfoliation can assist in removing dead skin cells to allow for skincare products to be absorbed more effectively. One method of exfoliation is dry brushing. Using a firm-bristled brush, such as Frownies Body Brush, brush your skin with light- to medium-pressure towards the center of your. Dry brushing not only exfoliates dead skin cells, it also can increase blood circulation and promote lymph drainage to aid your body’s natural detoxifying process.
  2. Cleansing - When showering, opt for lukewarm water, or at least rinse in cooler water, to help protect your skin from damaging hot water. Steer clear of harsh detergents that strip your skin of natural oils. Instead, look for milder soaps and body washes containing plant oils which will also provide hydration while cleansing your skin of dirt and bacteria. Frownies Citrus Honey Body Wash contains organic aloe vera, organic apple juice extract, and numerous fruit essential oils. 
  3. Moisturizing - The best time to moisturize is right out of the shower when your skin is still damp. This will allow lotions to lock in hydration. Frownies Daily Body Lotion contains organic oat oil, packed with Vitamins E and A, as well as aloe vera, which contains Vitamins A, C, and E–all of the key vitamins that your skin cells use to communicate with one another!

With these three simple steps, plus drinking plenty of water, you can care for all the skin on your body – And you’ll notice improvements in the skin on your face as well!



By: Dr. Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT 


Megan C. Wright, PT, DPT is an authority in health and wellness content with over ten years of clinical experience as well as a freelance health writer. Megan received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University. Megan lives outside Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young boys.

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