DIY Exfoliating Quarantine Home Spa Treatment

Your daily skin care routine is far more important than a monthly scrub or spa treatment. Using a chemical free body wash that does not strip valuable layer of the acid mantel and prepares your skin for a good moisturizer is my daily must. FROWNIES  NEW  Citrus Honey Body Wash with essential oils will inspire your emotions and when used with a body brush you get the benefit of increased circulation in the different layers of the skin not just the surface. 

Apply FROWNIES  Cellulite cream to tone and firm the appearance of the skin in desired areas.

I think it is fun and beneficial to exfoliate your entire body and face with a gentle scrub about once a month.Exfoliating your skin brings new life to face and body by ridding dead skin and cleaning out pores—ahhhh, refreshing.

Many of the big name cleansers have micro-beads that are no good for your skin and or the environment. States such as Illinois have banned cosmetics using tiny plastic beads because of the wreckage they create on the suffering ocean ecosystem. Natural alternatives are simpler, cheaper, and healthier than it ever could be with microbeads.

Buying a large jar of expensive sugar or salt mixed with an essential oil and coconut oil gets dried out and wasted when I have done it in the past.

Si if you like here are a few DIY natural scrubs.


Five Favorite Natural Skin Scrubs

1. Sugar Lemon Face Scrub. Baking soda is great for treating acne, coconut oil contains super antibiotic powers; multivitamins and multi-nutrients—which nourish and moisturize, and lemon grind’s citric and plant acids work to cleanse while lightening and brightening. 

1 cup of sugar or baking soda

½ cup of coconut oil or olive oil

1 teaspoon of lemon zest

1-2 drops lemon extract (optional)

-Mix together all ingredients and place in an airtight glass container. For sensitive skin use baking soda, and replace sugar with sea salt or Epson salt. 

2.  Pineapple & Papaya Facial Exfoliating Mask. The pineapple and papaya juice are both natural exfoliators, and the honey calms the skin. Papaya is full of Vitamin A, which helps to remove dead skin, and pineapple contains bromelain, which helps reduce inflammation.

¼ cup cubed fresh papaya

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp sweet almond oil

1 tbsp manuka honey (or regular honey)

-Mash fruit until pulp, apply mask and leave on for 3-5 minutes, wash with warm water, press skin with warm wash clothe.

3. Grapefruit Avocado Oil Scrub. Grapefruit has freeradical fighting powers, contains retinol antioxidants that help equalize skin tone and treat discoloration, and stimulates the pumping of your collagen for skin toning. Avocado Oil’s glutamine amino acids help cleanse and will not black pores.

1 cup sugar

½ grapefruit, squeezed

3 tablespoons

-Juice grapefruit into sugar, pour in avocado oil, and combine; use folding motion to not dissolve sugar.

4. Lemon Scrub. Fights acne and aging, and feels clean and smooth. Olive Oil is naturally moisturizing and is good for oily and dry skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants and good fats, which help rid freeradicals and heal skin. Honey makes skin glow from its antibacterial and regenerative properties. Sugar keeps skin soft and supple, removes dirt and unclogs pores, maintains oil balance, cleans and fights toxins. Rids blackheads, discoloration by scars or skin disorders, and age spots.

½ lemon, juiced

½ cup of sugar

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp honey

-Wisk all liquids until thick, add sugar and mix with spoon; add more or less according to desired thickness. 

5. Skin Brightening Face Scrub. Strawberries help improve skin tone and cleanse and are a natural source of salicylic acid. Salt exfoliates dead skin cells. Almond oil hydrates. 

5 large strawberries (10 small)

Juice of ½ lime

1 tspn of almond oil

4 tbsp salt

-Pulse strawberries in blender or food processor (you do not want them mushy), stir in lime juice and almond oil, mix in salt, work in small circular motions, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and wash off. 


*Bonus Scrub! We had to add one bonus diy scrub to the list because it is one of our favorites! The Sea Salt Face Scrub and Coconut Oil Makeup Remover. Coconut oil can be used as a daily makeup remover. The addition of Himalayan pink sea salt draws out toxins and rids dead skin cells for a smooth complexion.

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