A Frownies Family Story

nine photos of same woman from age 48 to 97 showing her skin results over time using frownies facial patches to smooth forehead wrinkels

Happy New Year from your FROWNIES Family. If you've been following Frownies you know we are a family owned and run business for four generations. We love hearing from our customers that we consider part of our Frownies Family. We love hearing about your family and so we decided to share with all of you a story we received recently from a customer with three generations of Frownies Facial Patch wearers in her Family. We couldn't help but share her story, and we want to encourage all of you to share your Frownies Journey with us. 

A story from Aviva Kleiner, a Frownies customer:

"I'm excited to write to you about my grandmother. For as far back as I can remember my grandmother was an avid Frownies user. I remember being a little kid and she’d be tidying up the kitchen with her Frownies patches on her face or making breakfast with the patches still on from the night before. Her ritual has spanned at least 40 years and it shows -she stopped aging and it’s incredible.

Her love for this product continues to this day. Even at 98 years old her Frownie patches are part of her nightly ritual. She’s never had any cosmetic surgery and she looks much younger than her friends her age.

Furthermore, her ritual has continued with her grandkids and great-grandkids. I’m, now 40, have been using Frowines for 12 years. I gave them as gifts to all my girlfriends at my wedding. My nephews love them. When they learned how to count they would watch grandma put on her Frownies and then count how many she could fit on her face. 

I’ve shared some photos of her and a timeline so you can see her lack of aging progression for yourself. You can see how little she’s actually aged the past several decades. But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I have.

I noticed on Instagram you have SO many more products these days. I typically pick up the Frownies at my local store but now I’m realizing I’ve been missing out on a whole line of products. I’m going to get some new stuff for her to try for the holidays. I could share so many more stories - we just love Frownies in this family."

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