Honor, Embrace, Celebrate being a … Mother!

Frownies would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day today!
Frownies mission is to “honor, embrace, [and] celebrate being … a woman!” and today we extend that sentiment to all the mothers in our lives. 

We at Frownies are mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. We know the joys and struggles in the journey of motherhood. We know the difficulty of “putting yourself first” and that it’s not always possible to take the time away for “self-care.” 

But we hope, through simple skincare products, that you can feel pampered for a moment and feel a little more confident in the skin you live in. 

Today, we want to honor the sacrifices of love you have made, to embrace the season of life that you are in, and to celebrate what motherhood looks right in this moment. 

So, whether you are a mother, hoping to be a mother, best friend of a mother, or just the best aunt on the planet, we celebrate your nurturing spirit today and every day! 

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