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We at Frownies want to be sure you understand natural health and don' jump to conclusions that are not correct.  I’ve seen  posts online with what may be misleading and incorrect information about using herbs for viruses, namely the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

People often think that herbs are used just like pharmaceuticals. They are not.

For over 40 years our President at Frownies has been dedicated to  safely and correctly using herbs in her life. It often requires looking at the big picture in terms of lifestyle and how we look at health.

When we hear the term antiviral, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they work just like pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs. In other words, if you have an infection, then you take something to kill the pathogens.

But herbal antivirals don’t work that way. In fact, they simply can’t work like pharmaceuticals.

Many herbs can modulate or strengthen the immune system. When taken before an illness (or sometimes at the start of an illness) these immune-modulating herbs may shorten the duration of an illness or stop it entirely. the best action is not getting sick in the first place. That’s why herbalists love to spend a lot of time promoting herbs that build and nourish the immune system, like astragalus, blue green algae and medicinal mushrooms. Most herbalists’ experiences show that nourishing the immune system can help to stave off illness.Especially for people who are overworked or stressed on a regular basis, it is important to keep your immune system strong. 

Drink lots of filtered water and eat fresh and vitamin C rich foods every day before after and during any illness or just as a health supportive lifestyle; this is action no one debates. 

Stay away from toxic chemicals in your personal care products, and cleaning products. 

Get outside daily for the fresh air and sunshine (if there is any)! 

Move your body, exercise with the many online groups out there.  Find a person that you enjoy and follow them as they work out. 

Walking is a great full body exercise.

Epsom salt baths are wonderful if you over worked out or just boost magnesium in the muscles. 

Use herbal teas, golden milk, lemon water and green drinks to support your body daily. Antioxidants topically like in skin care and internally like in fruits, vegetables, ginger and turmeric are excellent options daily. 

Meditate and be still know that no one knows everything but you are doing what you can. 

Right now wash your hands and wash thoroughly.  Frownies newest Citrus Honey Body Wash can be used as a good hand wash that keeps the hands soft, promotes healing and killing viruses.  

Cleanliness is everything, it is what we do everyday now and it is a new understanding of life style. We called people clean freaks when they cleaned as we need to be doing at this time and for the future. We should all become clean freaks as soon as today. 

Using Essential oils in your environment as cleaning and air cleaning products is a measure that should be investigated. Essential oils can help clean the air.  On sight water filtration air cleaners, essential oils are the new normal for healthy living. 


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