Summer Sun Care

How should your protect your skin in the summer and why? Sunlight is hard to avoid during the summer. Sunlight contains solar radiation called ultraviolet light. UV light comes in three different forms, UVA, UVB, and UVC light. UVC light is the most dangerous for skin, but thankfully it’s deflected by the earth’s atmosphere. UVA is the most common form of ultraviolet light in sunlight, but it’s not nearly as harmful as UVB light.  When our skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the DNA in skin is damaged and destroyed. Skin’s natural reaction to damage is to darken in color, as melanin is produced in higher concentrations. So a tan is evidence of  some sun overexposure but  sunburn is a sign of more severe damage.

Avoid peak sunlight hours (usually around noon and onward for a few hours) and stay in the shade as much as you can. Wear clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible, given the heat. Many outdoor outfitting companies and athleisure brands offer clothing that has a UPF. UPF clothing is designed to prevent sunlight from reaching your skin while remaining light and thin for the summer weather. Seek shade whenever possible, and do not just lay and tan! 

It’s always important to keep your body and skin hydrated -- it’s especially crucial if you’re out in the summer sun for a long time. The sun’s powerful rays can quickly dehydrate you, leaving your skin more susceptible to damage while leaving you physically fatigued. Keep drinking water and cool and hydrate your skin with aloe on a regular basis to stay alert and protect your skin. Then reapply you sunblock or protective clothing. 

Using sunblock, watching your exposure time, keeping the skin cool with aloe not only for the burn but to condition the skin.  Apply aloe reapply sunblock. 

Stay away from exfoliating with chemicals like AHA's during the summer when exposing the skin to the stronger UV rays these things may make the skin more sensitive to sun's rays.  You may burn quicker. 

Dry brushing in the evening helps keep the circulation in the skin and skin healthy. If you were in the sun it is best to use the brush in the shower wet. During the winter months or if your not exposed you can keep your skin  in it's best shape dry brushing. 

Toning creams like Frownies Cellulite Cream are great ways to keep the dimples and the wiggle toned and tightened. Using Frownies Cellulite at night before bed and under your yoga pants will make a world of difference. Cellulite /Cream ingredients are great for under arm's and even your neck. If you do use it and go out into the sun it is best to apply a sunblock over your toning cream,  like Frownies Body lotion with zinc oxide. 

Both Frownies Cellulite and Body Creams are rich in natural Lipids that will help to protect the surface layer of the skin from drying out. Read about the great ingredients in these Frownies products here.

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