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black woman with dreadlocks sleeping with Frownies Facial Patches on forehead and corners of the mouth

Frownies Facial Patches - The Original Wrinkle Patch has been smoothing forehead wrinkles for over 130 years. 

How Does Frownies Work?

Frownies Facial Patches are unique versus other wrinkle patches for forehead wrinkles on the market today. 

Frownies Facial Patches are breathable paper patches with water-activated, plant-based adhesive. 

Once placed on the skin, the wrinkle patch dries stiff smoothing the skin by lifting fine lines and wrinkles and acting as a splint for the muscles of the face to retrain facial expressions. 

There are no active skincare ingredients in Frownies Facial Patches. The paper and adhesive create a physical smoothing of facial muscles and overlying skin. 

Frownies Facial Patches can definitely smooth wrinkles based on many Frownies Before and After pictures submitted by our loyal customers over the past 130 years! But did you know there are other benefits of using Frownies Facial Patches? 

Frownies Facial Patch users have found many unexpected and surprisingly benefits of using the wrinkle patches!

To read customer reviews for Frownies, head over to our product page or check out these highlights on Instagram – Frownies Review, Frownies Reviews, and Frownies Before and After

woman applying Frownies Facial Patches to forehead wrinkles

Surprising Customer Reviews for Frownies:

These are reviews for Frownies as submitted from Frownies customers. Frownies Facial Patches were not necessarily intended to have these particular results beyond retraining facial muscles and smoothing wrinkles. But Frownies customers have found these additional benefits. 

Frownies Reviews for Headaches and Migraines

As a society, we are under tremendous amounts of stress. Often, we tend to hold this stress as tension in the muscles of our forehead, along with other muscles. By training the muscles of the face to release tension and relax, customers report that Frownies Facial Patches decreased their migraines and headaches. 

“I tried everything to get rid of my recent migraine; however, I'm nursing so I'm limited in what I can take. I tried these last night for the first time and just woke up and my migraine is gone and my forehead is so relaxed! Thank you so much!! It's great to find a product that a side effect helps get rid of my headaches!”

“Yes! For me, when I started to get tension headaches I know it's time to do my Frownies. It really does relax my forehead. Such a fan.”

Frownies Reviews for Relaxation and Sleep

Using Frownies Facial Patches physically trains the relaxation of the muscles of the face – which, in turn, can lead to decreased stress, less jaw pain, and better sleep – according to these customer-submitted Frownies reviews!

“I'm only on night six, but I'm loving them! In the first thing I noticed was how sleepy I got when I apply them the first night. It was like my face however last for the first time ever. I slept so well every night, the deepest sleep. I have no doubt it's thanks to the Frownies.”

“I have PTSD up for the past three years I would wake up with really bad elevens from frowning all night from nightmares. It made me feel so old to see my elevens. Not only did wearing Frownies physically help me to get rid of lines, I feel like I have relearned how to have a calm face without the worry. I feel more rested by not scrunching my face all night. It's amazing.”

woman with braid wearing Frownies Facial Patches on forehead, corners of the eyes, and corners of the mouth with Frownies skincare products on the counter behind her 

Frownies Review for Facial Muscle Training

With consistent use, Frownies Facial Patches train the muscles of the face to relax. Through muscle training, Frownies users become more aware of their facial expressions and facial movements.

“I am blown away! FINALLY found a solution for my forehead! I have never been more pleased!! It's wild, I'm the most expressive talker and my forehead is so tight now. It’s almost training me to keep my eyebrows down, WILD.”

“Aside from the impressive results on my forehead lines, these are literally going to change the shape of my face! See after years of chronic migraines, until the sun rise, I was left with partial facial paralysis. my forehead muscles were compensating for this imbalance words since using my patches I can feel the muscles moving in my face which I haven't moved in over a decade. Felt weird at first, but now it's raining. To be able to regain full facial movement!!! All from a simple patch!!”

“I was getting terrible jaw pain from clenching under my mask trying to get comfortable under the mask. I don't have wrinkles around my mouth yet but I decided to try the front is there any notice how my jaw tension went away and I was so much more relaxed throughout the day of wearing my mask. It really is so much more than just a wrinkle fix!!!”

Frownies Reviews as a Botox Alternative

There are many reasons that someone may not want Botox or may not be able to get Botox. And Frownies Facial Patches are a great alternative option to injections. 

Similar to Botox, Frownies Facial Patches relax facial muscles to allow the overlying skin to lay flat and minimize the appearance of finelines and smooth wrinkles. 

“I definitely notice a difference and, while I haven't gotten Botox for over two years, I feel like the way my muscles are reacting the same way. It's harder for me to furrow my brow and make the 11s appear which is fantastic!”

“After building up a resistance to Botox and similar products, I decided that I had nothing to lose and gave them a try. I’M A BELIEVER!!!!!”

Different types of Frownies Facial Patches in pink boxes including Gentle Lifts, Forehead and Between the Eyes, and Corners of the Eyes and Mouth

Frownies Review for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Botox is not approved during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, because Frownies Facial Patches do not contain any active skincare ingredients, wearing our wrinkle patches are safe when injections are contraindicated. 

“I've been pregnant or nursing for the past two years, even though I desperately needed Botox. Asked the hubby for some Frownies for Christmas... And I'm obsessed!”

Frownies Review for Acne Breakouts

Many customers have told us that Frownies Facial Patches may also work as a pimple patch. The reason this works for some people is really unknown. 

Frownies Facial Patches are made of paper which makes them porous and breathable; however, the wrinkle patches do not contain any active skincare ingredients that would treat acne blemishes. Regardless, many of our customers report that Frownies Facial Patches also work to minimize pimples and acne breakouts. 

“They also obliterate pimples! Put my over break out and I swear that pimples are practically gone the next day. I don't know what the magic in these things is but… *mind blown emoji*”

woman holding out two pink boxes of Frownies Facial Patches for Forehead and Between the Eyes and for Corners of the Eyes and Mouth

Head over to Frownies’ Instagram for customer-submitted Frownies Before and After pictures. There are five highlights worth of Frownies Before and After pictures with more added daily as customers submit their Frownies Before and After pics! 

Try Frownies Facial Patches - The Original Wrinkle Patch for yourself and let us know your answer to the burning question – Does Frownies really work?

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