The Month of LOVE

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For the entire month of February, FROWNIES is bringing the spa to you!
Frownies Spa Gift Set is 30% off and includes: Under Eye Gels, Rose Water Hydrator, and our Forehead Skin Serum Patch.

Or, save 20% off the following items separately: Under Eye Gels, Rose Water Hydrator, Forehead Skin Serum Patch, and Blue Green Algae Clay Mask.

At-Home Spa Valentine's Day Gift!

Frownies at-home spa treatments are great for treating yourself or sharing a spa experience with a loved one. Speaking of L-O-V-E, Valentine's day is on February 14th. Give more than a gift. Give an experience that is healthy and feels great!  Skip the sugary chocolates that can cause breakouts and weaken your immune system. Instead, promote the health of your loved ones this year with the gift of self-care! Show you care with Frownies skincare. 

#FrowniesFam Testimony! 

We love hearing from our #frowniesfam. Here is a note we received that we wanted to share.

Customer Review: Great gift!

"I purchased the Vitamin C Skin Serum and the forehead/eyebrow strips [Frownies Facial Patches] for my daughter-in-law as part of her Christmas gifts. She had been using the strips for quite some time already but had not purchased the serum yet.
She was very excited to try the new product.
She has now convinced me to try your products too.
She is a walking advertisement because it’s hard not to notice the beautiful glow to her skin that I would like to see on mine.
I also love the idea of this being a company owned and operated by women.
You have longevity in this market and I don’t think there are many, if any, that have been around for well over 100 years!!
That alone speaks for your line of products."

We always love hearing from you! Come find us on social media @frownies on instagram and @frowniesfamily on tiktok!  Happy Valentine's Day!


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