Ingredients Matter- Aloe and its Benefits

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Frownies Moisturizer for Face and Neck and Frownies Eye Cream are amazing products that contains a whole host of beneficial, natural ingredients one that we must highlight is Aloe Vera due to all it’s healing properties! Why use Frownies Eye Cream in combination with Frownies Moisturizer ? Now let’s talk Aloe and why Frownies Moisturizer and Eye  Cream are so beneficial to the skin.

The Aloe Vera Plant grows naturally in drier climates such as parts of Africa and India, and due to its medicinal properties, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries. This herbal remedy also provides relief for acute acne and dry skin. Ancient Egyptians referred to Aloe Vera as the “plant of immortality”. Considered the miracle plant it is used in many skin remedies because of its healing powers. Aloe Vera has various health benefits and uses for skin. 

It has been established through several studies that Aloe Vera does have several properties that are effective when treating skin problems. Aloe can be used to address such skin problems as sunburn, acne, pimples, flaking, dryness, aging, and cosmetic issues (it can also be used to treat hair and scalp issues). The leaf of the Aloe Vera plant contain a gel that can be used to heal wounds, burns, cysts, and minor infections of the skin. Aloe Vera does offer much promise in treating more persistent or serious conditions for example genital herpes, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, canker sores, and more. Aloe Vera can be used on ALL SKIN TYPES! It can be found in many forms: Gel, Oil, juice, creams, soaps, tablets, and the whole plant.

Due to Aloe Vera’s several skin benefits it has acquired recognition and is an important natural ingredient in many beauty products. It’s many miraculous properties can be brought to your beauty regime. 

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Moisturizing Treatment

Aloe Vera has naturally moisturizing properties good for dry skin. It naturally maintains the skin keeping it hydrated and enhances the elasticity of the skin. Aloe Vera applied topically releases natural enzymes and essential vitamins to bear a beep moisturizing effect that restores pH balance and supplies oxygen to the skin, which strengthens, skin tissues and skin health.

Natural Aftershave 

Aloe Vera can be used as aftershave. Because of it’s strong healing properties it treats small cuts caused by shaving. Used by women and men.

Acne Treatment

Aloe Vera Gel contains the hormones Auxin and Gibberellin. These hormones provide the wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Gibberellin acts as a growth hormone- it promotes growth of new skin cells and stimulates the skin to heal quickly with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera reduces redness and inflammation and prevents triggering of pimples.

Anti-aging Treatment

Aloe Vera leaves contain beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, antioxidants that improve hydration and natural firmness of the skin used regularly improves the skins elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Aloe Vera refreshes skin leaving it soft and hydrated to keep you looking lively and young.

Skin Ailment Treatment

Skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin etc. are treated with Aloe Vera’s healing and anti-allergic properties. Aloe Vera is used to treat blisters, insect bites, and other allergic reactions as well.

Radiant Glow Treatment 

As mentioned before Aloe Vera helps rid of dead skin cells and replaces with new to provide radiance.  Drinking Aloe Vera provides the body with vital nutrients for healthy glowing skin.

Sunburn and Stretch Mark Treatment

Aloe Vera’s treats sun burn at the epithelial level (layer of cells that cover the body), eases inflammation and pain, replenishes the skin’s natural moisture, acts as a protective shield from further skin deterioration, and enables rapid healing due to anti-oxidant properties and nutritional qualities.

Skin Pigmentation Mark Treatment

Aloe Vera and Rose Water are used as a remedy for lessening the appearance of blemish marks, age spots, and pigmentation marks on the skin. 

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