Treating Skin Issues with Whole Vitamin E Oil

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Body oils have become so popular but don’t forget to check the label! FROWNIES stresses how important it is to have organic and natural ingredients! Sadly harmful chemicals in skin-care products are not always listed in the ingredients; it is good to find a brand that you can trust has the best ingredients to promote your health! Whole vitamin E oil has shown MANY health benefits and healing properties for the skin –here we will touch on some skin issues vitamin e oil is ready to tackle! 


Vitamin E oil has an amazing anti-aging effect that will leave skin looking amazing. Habits such as excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, or lack of the proper skin regime often induce onset signs of aging before time. Topical application of Vitamin E oil promotes the production of two key protein components, collagen and elastin (improves skin elasticity). Vitamin E reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, which gives you younger looking skin. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that fight off damaging effects of free radicals and lower the chances of new wrinkles appearing. WHOLE form vitamin E is used as a key ingredient in Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum.

Dry Skin

Vitamin E prevents the skin from loosing water and helps to retain skin’s natural moisture. Vitamin E helps dull, dry skin look healthy and moisturized. Vitamin E oil can be used regularly for deep pore cleansing of dry or oily skin to restore the normal oil balance of the skin.  


Vitamin E oil is used to treat sunburns! When applied topically vitamin E oil is instantly absorbed by the by the epidermal layer of the skin, healing damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and relieving pain. Vitamin E can also be used for protection from sun damage. 


Vitamin E helps remove and decrease the appearance of scars from the skin! Apply Vitamin E oil to acne scars or any other form of scar to rid skin of scaring. Vitamin E oil first softens the affected area of skin and then lightens the mark after a few weeks of application. The scar will eventually fade out after a few months. Vitamin E speeds up the regeneration process of skin cells, replacing damaged skin cells with healthy new ones. 


Stretch Marks

By now you cans see how Vitamin E oil would be equally effective at removing or lessening the appearance of stretch marks. If pregnant apply vitamin E oil to abdomen when belly starts to expand. This will relieve itching sensation caused by the stretching of the skin and prevent stretch marks! Vitamin E oil can also be used to remove preexisting stretch marks. Vitamin E oil increases the production of new skin cells and helps restore skin’s natural elasticity. Regular application will eliminate stretch marks. 

Nails and Cuticles

Vitamin E oil is most commonly known for maintaining nail health. Just a few drops of vitamin E oil can help heal broken nails and prevent future breakage. Bring poorly kept nails back to life by using regularly!


When choosing any product you want to remember that if you compromise on the quality of the ingredients you can end up compromising possible health benefits. Many products extract only part of the Vitamin e and then combine with other ingredients (sometimes harmful). Be sure to look for WHOLE Vitamin E. 

Frownies is 100% WHOLE plant based ingredients! Frownies Vitamin E Skin Serum contains whole form vitamin E from oat lipids, and outer fine oils, along side ingredients with potentially healing properties. 

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