Love Every Line: Understanding Static Wrinkles

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We at Frownies have been in the wrinkle-smoothing business for over 130 years. We've been delivering non-invasive, natural-looking results since 1889, but how do you know if Frownies Facial Patches will work for you?

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Frownies Facial Patches work for specific types of wrinkles. To understand if our wrinkle patches will address your areas of concern, first, you need to understand the science and causes of different types of wrinkles. 

Our facial skin is directly attached to the underlying facial muscles. So when we make facial expressions, the muscle contractions move or manipulate the skin, forming creases. Contrast this to how the muscles in our thighs or biceps operate: they pull on bones to move our body at a joint, and the skin in those areas stays relatively smooth. But our facial skin, attached as it is to the muscles, has a greater propensity to form lines due to these strictly local movements. That's why we have beautifully expressive faces! 

These expression lines can be broken down into two distinct categories of facial wrinkles — dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles appear during repetitive muscle movements, whereas static wrinkles are visible even when your face is completely relaxed. As we age, due to internal and external factors that limit our skin's elasticity, those temporary dynamic lines can transition into static lines. Now, let's go over in more detail these types, how they form, and not just how to treat them, but also how to start aging in a way that makes you happy.

What are Dynamic Wrinkles?

woman smiling causing dynamic wrinkles on her face

Dynamic wrinkles are the types of wrinkles that appear when you make facial expressions. Even children have dynamic lines, they're just part of human anatomy! Think about the forehead wrinkles between your eyebrows when you’re deep in thought. That's a type of dynamic wrinkle referred to as '11 lines.' Likewise, the crinkling around your eyes when you laugh, called crow's feet, is another example of dynamic wrinkles. When your mouth corners curl upwards in a warm smile, the skin around your mouth forms what are known as smile lines. And when you pucker your lips, the lines formed are called lip lines.

These lines are fundamentally a result of muscle contraction that occurs whenever we use our facial muscles—for communication, expressions, and reactions.

One of the most common treatments for managing dynamic wrinkles is wrinkle relaxers or neuromodulators such as Botulinum Toxin Injections that go by the brand names Dysport and Botox injections. These aesthetic treatments paralyze muscle contractions, preventing the formation of dynamic wrinkles and expression lines. 

While women of all ages seem to be interested in smooth, wrinkle-free skin, many women have become wary of the frozen, expressionless results that are often synonymous with Botox injections. 

And while treatments like Botox can prevent dynamic wrinkles, there are many drawbacks. Of course, there is also the obvious risk of side effects, the cost of regular treatments, and the fact that Botox is not considered safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What are Static Wrinkles?

woman with her face at rest with static wrinkles

While dynamic wrinkles are seen during active facial expressions, static wrinkles are lines that are visible no matter our expression, even when our facial expressions are neutral. They are the creases you notice when your face is at rest. These may start as dynamic lines from repeated facial expressions, but with time and a natural decline in our skin elasticity and collagen production, these lines stop disappearing when our faces relax.

Examples of static wrinkles created by repeated facial expressions include 11 lines between the brows, horizontal lines of the forehead, and crow's feet at the corner of the eyes. Other examples of static wrinkles include nasolabial folds that run from each side of your nose to the corners of your mouth, marionette lines, which extend from the corners of your mouth to the chin, and neck lines. These types of static wrinkles are often associated with loss of volume in the face.  

Several factors in our lifestyle and environment contribute to the formation of static wrinkles. The two most common suspects are decreased collagen production and elastin production. Both collagen and elastin are proteins responsible for maintaining our skin's structure and elasticity. As we age, the production of these proteins decreases, leading to volume loss,  sagging, and static wrinkles. 

Other factors include genetics, outside factors like sun exposure and smoking, poor diet, and dehydration. Understanding the causes of static wrinkles is great for prevention, but what if you already have static wrinkles? 

Common Treatment Options for Static Wrinkles

Similar to treatment options for dynamic wrinkles, there is a wide range of treatment options for static wrinkles, from non-surgical topical treatments to more invasive procedures.

Relaxers such as Botox and Dysport can be preventative for static wrinkles. By paralyzing the facial muscles, the neurotoxins stop the formation of dynamic wrinkles that may contribute to static lines in the future. 

Another treatment for static wrinkles specifically formed by loss of volume in the face is Injectable Dermal Fillers like hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers are injected directly into deep wrinkles or folds to replenish lost volume and may provide temporary results. Finally, if you're seeking to target fine lines, improve acne scars and sun damage, and stimulate collagen, Chemical Peels or Laser Skin Resurfacing can be a match.

These treatments can give you quick results, which is awesome, but they're not perfect. For starters, you can't use them when you're pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, you can end up with irritation or other not-so-fun reactions. Even when done right, these more invasive procedures require lots of research, meeting with various doctors, going to consults and follow-ups, and of course, there is the recurring cost of treatments. Luckily, there are natural, non-invasive alternatives to treating static wrinkles.

Frownies: The Natural Solution for Wrinkles & Expression Lines

two women holding boxes of wrinkle patches

With Frownies Facial Patches, our carefully crafted solutions are designed as a non-invasive alternative to soften wrinkles. Made with unbleached kraft paper and water-activated adhesive, Frownies Facial Patches act as a splint or cast to retrain and relax facial muscles and allow the overlying skin to lay flat thereby smoothing fine lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions.

Expression lines are the lines that Frownies are the best at smoothing. And when we say expression lines, we are referring to the lines created by facial muscle contractions such as furrowing your brow and raising your eyebrows. Frownies won't stop you from creating dynamic lines during facial expressions, but over time, they can help decrease facial muscle tension and downtrain facial muscle contractions to smooth and soften existing static lines and prevent new static wrinkles from forming.

To suit every area of your face, our patches come in 3 different shapes: 

women wearing wrinkle patches to smooth forehead and smile lines

Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches: Looking for a smooth forehead? Frownies Forehead Patches act as a splint or cast, limiting facial muscle movement and smoothing wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes.

Corners of Eyes & Mouth Wrinkle Patches: Target wrinkles around the eyes and mouth with our versatile patches. Made from the same material as our Forehead Wrinkle Patches in specialized shapes to address smile lines, marionette lines, crow's feet, and other wrinkles.

Gentle Lifts: Frownies Gentle Lifts offers a non-invasive solution for treating wrinkles in areas like lip lines, smile lines, and marionette lines for areas of the face where our Corners of the Mouth Patches may be too large to fit. 

Our wrinkle patches offer a non-invasive approach, which allows for daily use. Plus, Frownies Facial Patches are HRIPT-tested and dermatologist-approved, so there is minimal risk for adverse reactions. Their regular use helps to create a muscle-casting effect, allowing your facial features to relax and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They retrain your facial muscles while maintaining natural-looking results. Remember, Frownies aren’t a quick fix! Just like all skin care products, the best results come with time and consistency. 

Beyond our wrinkle patches, Frownies also offers a complete skincare line, including serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and more to provide you with a comprehensive skincare routine. Our commitment to plant-based formulations and hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved products means you can trust Frownies as your partner in healthy, glowing skin at any age.

Still wondering if Frownies Facial Patches will work for your static wrinkles?  Our team is always ready to help create a personalized regimen to smooth and soften your wrinkles. Just reach out to us on Instagram or drop us an email at Your perfect product lineup will be unique to you, but we'll have the same message for everyone –  embrace every line and age in a way that makes you happy!

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